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Isaac Rochell has a thought on #BrownsTwitter


NFL: Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns
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The former Browns defensive end is very online so he had a first hand experience

The Isaac Rochell experience for the Cleveland Browns was an interesting one. Rochell was added later in the offseason to help provide some depth to the roster but with no certainty that he would make the final roster.

In the end, between elevations and being on the active roster, Rochell played in six games for the Browns including getting credit for one start. In those games, he combined for 17 tackles and three quarterback hits in 135 defensive snaps.

Rochell was a person of interest for some Browns fans, football fans and non-football fans due to his online presence. Rochell and his wife are internet sensations for the supportive relationship that they share with the world.

Late in the season, the defensive end terminated his contract in Cleveland and went on to sign with the Las Vegas Raiders for the last game of the year. Despite deciding to leave, his experience with Browns fans on social media really impressed him:

One thing is very clear about fans of the orange and brown, whether it is social media, backers clubs, tailgating or in the stadium, few if any fandoms are as great as Cleveland’s. Rochell found that out in under a year with the team.

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