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Is this the year Mike Holmgren finally makes it to Canton?


2005 NFC Championship Game - Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks - January 22, 2006
Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The former Seahawks head coach is once again a semifinalist for Canton.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its semifinalists, and once again former Seattle Seahawks head coach and Super Bowl champion Mike Holmgren is on the list.

Holmgren is among 29 semifinalists in the Coach/Contributors wing, just as he was last year. Some of his other head coaching peers include two-time Super Bowl champions Mike Shanahan, George Seifert, and Tom Coughlin, as well as Dan Reeves, and Marty Schottenheimer.

On July 27, the candidates will be narrowed down to 12 Coach/Contributors and 12 Seniors (whose playing careers must have ended no later than 1998).

Unlike the Seniors committee, which has expanded to a maximum of three players for final consideration, the Coach/Contributor committee can only have one Coach OR Contributor. That means it’s possible no Coach gets in, but say, Robert Kraft does.

I know I’ve violated Betteridge’s law of headlines here because the answer to my title is 99.9% going to be “No.” And that sucks, as I believe not enough coaches have been put in the Hall of Fame, and in Holmgren’s case he’d have already been in Canton if Seattle had won Super Bowl XL against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’d be the only coach in NFL history to take two teams to Super Bowl victories, and that’s a distinction you can’t just leave on the shelf for years. Alas, he has a title with the Green Bay Packers, an NFC Championship with the Pack and one with Seattle, and he’s still waiting at age 75.

Here are all of the Coach/Contributor nominees, which also includes former Seahawks offensive line coach Alex Gibbs.

  • K.S. “Bud” Adams Jr.
  • Roone Arledge
  • C.O. Brocato
  • Tom Coughlin
  • Alex Gibbs
  • Ralph Hay
  • Mike Holmgren
  • Frank “Bucko” Kilroy
  • Eddie Kotal, Robert Kraft
  • Elmer Layden
  • Jerry Markbreit
  • Virginia McCaskey
  • Rich McKay
  • John McVay
  • Art Modell
  • Buddy Parker
  • Carl Peterson
  • Dan Reeves
  • Art Rooney Jr.
  • Marty Schottenheimer
  • Jerry Seeman
  • George Seifert
  • Mike Shanahan
  • Clark Shaughnessy
  • Seymour Siwoff
  • Jim Tunney
  • Lloyd Wells
  • John Wooten

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