Inter overthrow Fiorentina and win the final


While waiting for the Champions League final which will take place on June 10, Inter Milan played another final: that of the Coppa Italia against Fiorentina (which will also play a European Cup final, in the Europa League Conference). This meeting was therefore the ideal test for both teams and the opportunity to take a trophy. And in this match, the Viola started perfectly by opening the scoring after 3 minutes of play. Nicolás González launched his team perfectly (3rd). But Inter, who had clearly missed their start, slowly returned to the game.

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Dominating, the Interistes ended up equalizing thanks to Lauraro Martinez, again him (29th). The Argentinian, always decisive, even gave his team the advantage a few minutes later with a nice goal so he has the secret (37th). After having done the hardest part, Inter retreated and Fiorentina tried to take advantage of it when they returned from the locker room. Without success. Simone Inzaghi’s men retained this advantage and therefore won the Coppa Italia 2023. Now it’s time for the ultimate goal, the C1.

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Inter overthrow Fiorentina and win the final 24hfootnews.

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