IND vs ENG [WATCH]: Rohit Sharma livid at production team after delay in DRS replay during Ranchi Test


Rohit Sharma livid at production team after delay in DRS

The Day 1 of the Ranchi Test between India and England turned out to be more than just a battle on the cricket field as it witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions, with standout performances and unexpected turns. But one incident that stole the spotlight was Indian skipper Rohit Sharma‘s animated frustration at the production team. The delay in the Decision Review System (DRS) replay triggered Rohit’s ire, making it a major talking point in the cricketing world.

The dramatic DRS incident

In the midst of an intense match, with India dominating the first half and England’s Joe Root turning the tables with a sensational century, an unexpected and lighter moment occurred. With Ben Foakes on strike, Rohit decided to challenge the umpire’s decision through DRS on Ravindra Jadeja’s delivery. However, what unfolded was not the usual tension associated with DRS calls.

Rohit Sharma’s furious reaction

As the production team experienced a delay in showcasing the ball tracking visual, the giant screen focused on Rohit instead. The delay prompted Rohit to express his frustration with furious hand movements, urging the camera team to shift focus from him and bring forth the much-awaited replay. The incident, caught on camera, quickly became viral, injecting a dose of humour into the intense game.

Here’s the video:

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The laughter riot

Known for his bubbly and fun character, Rohit’s reaction resonated with fans, adding a touch of lightheartedness to the intense match. Social media platforms buzzed with memes and comments, turning the skipper’s moment of frustration into a laughter riot.

The DRS verdict

Despite the humorous episode, the DRS review did not go in India’s favour. It was their final review, and the ball tracking revealed that the impact was around the leg-stump, confirming the umpire’s decision. The lost review added to the drama, but Rohit’s animated reaction remained the highlight of the day.

England consolidates control on Day 2

As the action shifted to Day 2, England continued to strengthen their control over the game. Joe Root and Ollie Robinson formed a formidable partnership, surpassing the 100-run mark. The match continued to be a gripping contest between bat and ball, with both teams aiming for dominance in Ranchi.

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