Incredible, he drops the name of OM’s “weak link” live


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On loan without an option to buy from Arsenal, Nuno Tavares has clearly alternated between the good and the bad since his arrival at OM. Capable of offensive dazzling, the Portuguese can also distinguish himself by impressive defensive mistakes. So much so that Eric Di Meco sees him as the weak link in the Marseille club.

In search of a player capable of livening up his left lane, OM got their hands on Nuno Tavares which landed in the form of a loan without an option to buy fromArsenal. But after a promising start, especially on the offensive level, the Portuguese revealed significant defensive shortcomings as highlighted Eric Di Meco.

“When it’s difficult, he is one of the weak links”

With an Alexis Sanchez by his side, Nuno Tavares doesn’t realize he has an example of what to do on a pitch. When he loses a ball, he stops! There, it’s not even frustration anymore. When you see Sanchez and the others trying so hard, he just stops and falls behind in scoring. I have a particular eye on him, because I know the position. When he takes 10 seconds before getting back on his feet, that’s the kind of thing that puts you in difficulty in a match like the one in Reims. When it’s difficult, he is one of the weak links “says the former player of theOM at the microphone of RMC.

Nuno Tavares on the start?

And Eric Di Meco can be relieved since according to the information of Florent Germain, Nuno Tavares no longer unanimouslyOM. ” Nuno Tavares is a frustrating case because we see that he has potential. For the leaders, in the balance for and against, at the start of the season, Tavares was seen as a good move. But lately, with the feedback I’ve had, they’ve been saying it’s too irregular and it’s not going to do it. That’s what’s frustrating. We feel enormous potential in this player and we know that it is a position where it is difficult to recruit someone who brings you so much offensively. “, explained the journalist of RMC at the microphone of BFM-TV.

Incredible, he drops the name of OM’s “weak link” live 24hfootnews.

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