Impact Wrestling Results 6/8/17



Footage airs from earlier today to start off the show. Bruce Prichard confronts Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash backstage. He threatens and instructs them to not fight with each other until Slammiversary. If Mathews or Borash get involved in a physical altercation, they will both be fired on the spot.

The show opens with a video feature of Impact Wrestling’s arrival to India. The narrator hypes up the importance of these tapings.

We are now inside Stage 7, Jeremy Borash, Josh Mathews and ‘Da Pope’ are at ringside. They hype up the show, as The GFW Champion Alberto El Patron makes his way towards the ring.

Alberto gets on the mic and says that he is excited to be here in India and plans on doing what he does best. Alberto says that he has been all over the world and won titles in many different companies but the one thing, he now wants most is to become The Impact World Heavyweight Champion. Right on cue, The Impact Champion Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring….. Lashley confronts Alberto and tells him that he is sick and tired of him bragging and mentioning his name. Lashley says that he is the realest wrestler in the business and threatens to hurt Alberto. Bobby then asks Alberto, if he thinks that he is the only person that has traveled the world and won titles. The Indian crowd starts chanting “Si”, answering the question for Alberto. Lashley then tells Alberto that he doesn’t care about Alberto’s family heritage in the wrestling business. He threatens to beat Alberto badly and send him back to Mexico.

Bruce Prichard makes his way out to the ring to address both men. Bruce calls them two champions and Lashley takes exception and says that he is the only real champ in the ring. Prichard says that both champs will defend their titles individually tonight on Impact in India. Bruce says that both opponents will be remain a mystery for Alberto and Bobby. If any or both of the challengers win, They will go on to main event ‘Slammiversary’.

When the show returns from the break, Bruce Prichard is backstage talking to a masked tag team called “The Mumbai Cats”. The Cats are in the colors of India and they meow at Bruce. One of them mumbles the name Patron. Prichard interprets that The Cats want a shot at Alberto’s GFW title.

Back in Stage 7, Caleb Konley makes his way to the ring for his shot at The X Division Championship. Indian announcer Siddharth Kannan is making the ring introductions for this show.

Low-Ki (c) vs. Caleb Konley

Mathews on commentary relays a story of how at the age of 21, He politicked out of wrestling Low-Ki after seeing him in the ring, because he didn’t want to have to deal with his stiff style…. Even though this looks like The Impact Zone, The crowd is so into the action here. They are very involved and are applauding and active throughout….. Konley takes the fight early to Low-Ki but his offense gets shut down by Low-Ki. He corners Caleb and roughs him up. Low-Ki actually gets the crowd to chant his name. Low-Ki locks Konley in an abdominal stretch but he breaks free. Moments later, Konley evades Low-Ki and he ends up hitting a suicide dive on the x division champion. The dive causes Low-Ki to start bleeding near his eye. On the replay and in the video below. It appears that Low-Ki may have opened up the cut when he went face first into the top rope.


When the action gets back in the ring. Konley hits a flying cross body on Low-Ki for a near fall. As blood is blinding Low-Ki in his left eye, Konley strikes him down with a stiff arm and covers him for another near fall. Konley then attempts a cradle suplex but Low-Ki counters and hits a running double foot stomp on Konley, that sends him crashing into the corner. With Konley leaning over the ropes and reeling, Low-Ki leaps off the top and hits the Warrior’s Way to secure the victory.

Low-Ki defeats Caleb Konley by pinfall to retain The X Division Championship



As Low-Ki makes his way up the ramp, Sonjay Dutt comes out. He speaks in Indian and gets the crowd to say his name. He then walks Low-Ki back into the ring. Dutt talks about the eye patch he has on and the injury that he sustained at the hands of him. Sonjay demands that Low-Ki put his title on the line against him. Dutt then goes through their history together, dating back to their time in New York. Dutt speaks Hindi and asks Low-Ki for a championship match next week on Impact. Low-Ki agrees and shakes Dutt’s hand.

During the break, an ad airs for Impact Wrestling’s upcoming live event in New York on August 5th.

A video feature airs with Swoggle responding to Rockstar Spud’s attack on him last week. Swoggle justifies beating up Spud with a hammer several weeks ago. He says that Spud pulled off his pants and got what he deserves. Swoggle says that Spud is a 45 year old who tries to dress and look like he is in his 20’s. Swoggle promises to get revenge on Spud in the future.

The Lone Wolf’ Davey Richards vs. Vikas Kumar

Mathews mentions on commentary that Richards wife has told to stay home by Bruce Prichard. As a result of her actions against Alicia Edwards… Kumar puts up quite a fight after taking a beating early on. As soon as he starts to build up momentum, Kumar attempts a top rope moonsault but misses. A frustrated Richards punts Kumar in the head and then slaps on an ankle submission and Kumar is forced to submit.

Davey Richards defeats Kumar by submission

As Richards is leaving up the ramp. Ethan Carter makes his way onto the stage with strap in hand. He heads down to the ring and whips Kumar with the strap repeatedly. James Storm’s music hits and he makes his way out to save Kumar but Carter high tails it and leaves.


Bruce Prichard is backstage. Eli Drake confronts him and says that he wants to be one of the contenders for Lashley or Alberto’s title defenses tonight. Drake is with Chris Adonis and tells Bruce to do what is right and Bruce says that he will think about it.

After the break, A video airs with several Impact Wrestling talents talking about what it means to become a hall of famer in this company. They all hype up the announcement of Impact’s next hall of famer at Slammiversary. James Storm at one point, credits Mr. Perfect as being a hall of famer who gave him great advice when he was in the company. Shots are shown of several of the companies previous hall of famers like Sting, Kurt Angle and Gail Kim.

Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews are standing in front of an Impact/Sony Six wall. They hype the double main event tonight with Lashley and Alberto defending their respective titles. Mathews announces that next week, He and his Slammiversary partner Scott Steiner will be having a special sparring session next week on Impact….After Jeremy Borash plugs next week’s X division title match. Swoggle comes out and chases Rockstar Spud into the crowd.


A Mahabali Shera video feature airs. Shera talks about his sporting background and his family in India. Mahabali says that he loves Wrestling and the people of India. He is proud to be in Impact and proud to represent his country.

After the break, A video airs from earlier this week, where Joseph Park goes to Jeremy Borash’s office. Park encourages him to train for their upcoming tag match with Scott Steiner and Josh Mathews….. Later in the show, Park gets JB to the gym and gets him to work on his cardio. The second video below ends with Borash splashing into a pool.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Moose

Both big men pick up the pace quickly. Moose and Lashley show off their athleticism early on. Lashley does a great leap frog and strikes Moose down with an elbow. Moose kips up and hits a high flying dropkick. Moments later, Moose leaps onto the top rope and then back off with a springboard elbow. Lashley battles back with a flying shoulder block. Moose retaliates with some stiff chops and hits a bicycle kick. When Moose goes for the playmaker, Lashley counters with a belly to back suplex.

Lashley goes after Moose on the outside. He rams him hip first into the ring apron. Lashley then throws Moose into the guardrail. When Moose tries to fight back, Lashley rakes him in the eyes. Lashley throws Moose back into the ring and controls the action for the next couple of minutes. Lashley ends up connecting with a neckbreaker. He then grounds Moose with a sleeper hold. Moose teases fading out but powers out. When Lashley tries to leap off the top rope, Moose rallies with a standing drop kick, that knocks The Impact champion to the outside. Moose then tries to leap onto Lashley but Bobby moves out of the way and trips up Moose on the ring apron. The show heads to break with Lashley back in control.

When Impact returns, Lashley is in control. He is beating down Moose in the corner. He tries for ten straight strikes but ends up getting power bombed out of the corner. Moose then hits a second rope moonsault onto Lashley and gets a near pin fall. Moose then runs at Lashley in the corner three straight times. After knocking Lashley down with a splash, Moose hits an impressive looking hesitation basement dropkick on Lashley. When Bobby gets up, Moose tries another corner splash but misses. Lashley bounces off the ropes and turns Moose inside out with a lariat. Lashley then sets up for his running spear but Moose evades and hits a spear of his own, which results in another near pin fall. Moose heads to the top rope, Lashley rises up to meet him there. Bobby then hits a superplex off the top. He covers Moose but only gets a two count. Lashley sets up for the spear again but gets hit with a bicycle kick. Moose then hits the go to hell choke slam on Lashley and covers him for yet another near fall. The Indian crowd chants “This is awesome”. Moose tries to set up and hit his finisher but Lashley avoids and springs off the ropes and nails Moose with a running spear and pins him for the victory.

Lashley defeats Moose to retain The Impact World Heavyweight Championship


LAX is at their headquarters. They are celebrating being dual tag team champions, holding the Impact and GFW tag titles. Konnan tells his crew that they now have all the power in Impact Wrestling.

Rosemary (c) vs. ‘The Hot Mess’ Laurel Van Ness w/Sienna

Laurel tries to charge at Rosemary but gets knocked down and then gets bitten. Sienna pulls Rosemary outside the ring and throws her into the ringpost. This gives Laurel an opening. She hits Rosemary with a few kicks to ground her. Rosemary rises up from a fallen position on her knees. She then hits an offensive flurry of moves on Laurel. Sienna tries to get on the apron to intervene but Rosemary pushes Laurel into her. Van Ness is then rolled up by Rosemary and pinned.

Rosemary defeats Laurel Van Ness to retain The Impact Knockouts Championship


After the match, Sienna attacks Rosemary and she double teams Rosemary with Laurel. Allie runs out to make the save with a stick. Rosemary gets a hold of it and chases off Sienna and Laurel. Rosemary then turns towards Allie, she smiles and drops the stick in front of her.


Bruce Prichard is backstage. KM bumps into Bruce and tries to pal around with him. He assumes that he is the mystery contender for Alberto’s championship tonight. KM says that he is undefeated. Prichard calls him on that lie. KM gets upset and asks Bruce if he is calling him a liar. Bruce says that he’s not calling KM a liar but that he’s also not calling him the #1 contender tonight.

After a JB/Joseph Park training video airs. Mathews teases Borash at the broadcast area. Josh makes a joke about Borash executing the world’s greatest swanton… Alberto El Patron makes his way to the ring for the show’s main event.


Alberto El Patron (c) vs. Chris Adonis w/Eli Drake

Adonis was with Drake backstage earlier when Eli asked Prichard for this match. Adonis gets it instead, the commentators hint that it’s part of Eli’s plan….. Adonis takes the fight to Alberto early but El Patron battles back. Both men end up fighting into the crowd. When the action gets back into the ring, Alberto attempts to dive at Adonis on the apron but Chris moves out of the way. When Alberto gets up on the apron. The Adonis lock is applied on him. The hold has to be broken because both men are tied up in the ropes. Alberto falls to the outside floor, as the show heads to break. …. When the show returns, Adonis is still in control. He has applied a camel clutch submission in the ring. Alberto eventually battles back and sends Adonis to the outside.

Patron hits a succession of moves on Adonis, ending with a back stabber. Alberto revs up for the “Si” kick but Adonis counters into a spine buster. Borash mentions jet lag as a reason for both men potentially being sluggish in this match…. Alberto hits the big Si kick and sets up for his cross arm breaker but Adonis counters. He lifts Alberto up and puts him on the top rope. Alberto applies the cross arm breaker but he has to break the hold because they are tangled in the ropes. Alberto tries to leap off the top but lands on his feet. Adonis grabs him and hits a sky high sit out power bomb for a near fall. Adonis then calls for his Master Lock but Alberto avoids it. Patron ties up Adonis in the ropes and hits a leaping double foot stomp on him to secure the victory.

Alberto El Patron defeats Chris Adonis to retain The GFW Global Championship

When the match ends, Eli Drake makes his way into the ring. He attacks Alberto from behind and beats him down. Lashley comes to the stage to watch. Moose runs out and saves Alberto. Drake and Adonis run out of the ring. The show ends with Moose helping Alberto up, as Lashley watches them.


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