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Impact Wrestling Results: 2/1/18 – New Champion Crowned


Matt Sydal vs. Fallah Bahh (Impact Grand Championship)

Bahh heads up to the second rope, but Sydal is able to kick him off and down all the way to the floor. Bahh back in the ring, Sydal goes up top, Bahh follows. Sydal tries for a float-over powerbomb, nope, Bahh tries for a drop, misses, Sydal hits the shooting star press, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall to retain the Impact Grand Championship

– Eli Drake and Chris Adonis head into the arena, Drake will have a celebration in just a bit for winning his big match last week. Also, KM vs. Lashley later.

KM vs. Lashley

KM taunting the crowd a lot, misses a splash into the ring, Lashley with a clothesline, pin, one-count. Spinning power slam by Lashley, pin, two. Vertical suplex, Lashley goes for the spear, knee to the face. Full nelson slam by KM, pin, two. Lashley back up, finally able to hit a spear, pin, that will do it.

Winner: Lashley via Pinfall

Laurel Van Ness vs. Kiera Hogan

Hogan finally dodges a charge from Laurel and lands some punches to Laurel’s face, kick to the head, pin, two. Hogan heads to the top rope, Laurel stops her though and throws her down to the mat. Curb stomp, Laurel yells a bunch of non-sense, goes for the unprettier, but Allie comes down for the distraction. Hogan rolls up Laurel for the victory.

Winner: Kiera Hogan via pinfall

EC3 and Alberto El Patron vs. Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact

Johnny and EC3 start things off, Johnny gets the best of his opponent and quickly bring in Moose. EC3 pops EC3 a few times doing the “Moose!” taunt between each one, Moose drops him and bring Johnny back in. Moose and Johnny with back and forth punches, Moose running senton, leg drop by Johnny, pin, two. Moose gets back up, hits the ropes, but Alberto hits him for the distraction. Alberto tagged in, two big kicks, pin, not even a one-count.

EC3 tries for a suplex off the second rope, but Johnny able to reverse the move and land right on EC3. Finally a tag to Moose, thrusting headbutt to Alberto, running dropkick in the corner, once, twice! Moose goes for a pin, but EC3 with the save. Swinging neckbreaker by Johnny, Alberto flattens Johnny and hits a back cracker on Moose and sends the big guy into the ring post. Johnny from behind, drops Alberto, jumps to the drop and goes for countdown to impact, rolls through. Charges back and gets put into the tree of woe position, multiple kicks to the chest, double stomp by Alberto, but as Alberto lands, big clothesline by Moose, pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Moose and Johnny Impact via pinfall

Aries issues a challenge, anytime, any place, that if Drake wants to call himself the greatest, he has to beat the greatest. Drake takes his suit jacket off and gets on the mic, he’s the champ and the last time he checked Aries was behind an announce table talking about big matches. Drake says Aries you want to come in and make a challenge? He then says no and heads out of the ring. Adonis ends up hitting Aries in the back of the head with a title. Drake calls for a ref and decides to take Aries up on his offer. Drake with the pin, 1-2-no! Drake starts yelling at the referee instead of attacking Aries. He charges the corner, misses, Aries clears our Adonis. Aries hits a brainbuster, pin, 1-2-3. New champ.

Winner: Austin Aries via Pinfall to win the Impact Global Championship

– Post-match, Aries celebrates in the ring with the title.

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