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Impact Wrestling Results: 1/4/18 – Multiple Title Matches


Taiji Ishimori vs. Trevor Lee (c) w/ Caleb Konley (X Division Championship)

Lee goes for a release suplex, Ishimori flips out of it. Handspring kick lands, pin, two. Ishimori up top, jumps, rolls through, another roll-up, two. Lee with a sit-down powerbomb, two! Ishimori reverses out of a couple of Lee’s moves, drives both knees right into Lee’s face, goes for a 540 splash, hits it, 1-2-3.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori via Pinfall to win the X Division Championship

– Hype promo for the upcoming Eli Drake and Alberto El Patron match.

EC3 (c) vs. Matt Sydal vs. Fallah Bahh (Impact Grand Championship)

Round 1 gets going with EC3 going right after Bahh, Sydal with a roll-up, only one. Bahh hits a doube clothesline. “Bahh! Bahh!” chant gets going early. Couple body slams by Bahh. Sydal attempts a pin on EC3, Bahh just rolls over both guys and smiles afterwards. Bahh throws EC3 in the corner, runs in, gets kicked, big chops by EC3. EC3 put down, but Sydal tries to slow Bahh down, gets tossed out of the ring. Leg drop on EC3, hip toss, Bahh drags EC3 over to the corner, climbs up, but EC3 rolls out of the ring as the round comes to a close.

Bahh (1), EC3 (0), Sydal (0)

Sydal and EC3 go right after Bahh and send him to the floor. Sydal looks to fly, but EC3 strikes from behind. Sydal with a bunch of kicks, goes for a pin, two. “EC3!” chant breaks out. Clothesline by the champion, he lift Sydal up and throws him down on Bahh. EC3 goes out to the floor and destroys both opponents, big DDT on Bahh. EC3 throws Sydal back in the ring. Spin kick by Sydal, pin, two. EC3 with a release exploder suplex, smashes Sydal in the corner. EC3 with a final boot to Bahh’s face, who got no offense in that round.

Bahh (1), EC3 (1), Sydal (0)

All three men back in the ring, EC3 tries for a suplex, but Bahh hits a crossbody to drop both guys. “Bahh! Bahh!” chant. EC3 tries to roll Bahh from underneath and Bahh just sits himself down on EC3, pin, Sydal breaks up the pin. Sydal goes up top hits double knees on Bahh, pin, two. Sydal with kicks to both Bahh and EC3. TK3 connects on Sydal. Bahh hits a samoan drop on EC3. Sydal in the corner and gets squished by Bahh. Bahh heads up again, but EC3 dumps him all the way to the floor, rough landing. Sydal with a knee strike on EC3, goes to the top rope, Bahh shakes the ropes, Sydal gets up again shooting star press, cover, but runs out of time.

EC3 (2), Bahh (1), Sydal (0)

Winner: EC3 wins via split decision to retain the Impact Grand Championship

– Moose heads into the building and KM with a sneak attack, hammering him with a chair.

James Storm vs. Dan Lambert (Career vs. Career No Holds Barred Match)

Lambert does a whole lot of yelling before the match, but in comes American Top Team and they each get a shot at Storm. Lashley with a spinebuster, Lambert jumps in for a pin, two. Storm fights off everyone and superkicks Lashley down. Lambert is the only guy standing now. “Cowboy! Cowboy!” chant. Storm gets his hands on Lambert, but KM comes in with a beer bottle and smacks Storm in the back of the head. Lambert tries for a pin and Storm still kicks out! Double beer bottle smash on Storm’s head, Lambert goes for yet another pin, and finally we get a three-count.

Winner: Dan Lambert via Pinfall (James Storm is gone from Impact Wrestling)

– Backstage, a bunch of wrestlers gather and give a round of applause for Storm as he gives hugs and shakes hands. He then calls family and lets them know he’s coming home.

Chandler Park vs. Jon Bolen

This is the in-ring debut of Chandler, who gets absolutely destroyed in the early moments of the match. Bolen with a big body slam as the crowd chants “Chandler! Chandler!” Bolen charges the corner, Chandler moves, and hits a back body drop. He celebrates with Joseph, but Bolen comes over and kicks Chandler. He then says “Screw you!” to Joseph Park and his Grandma! Joseph punches him in the face, Chandler rolls up Bolen and gets the win.

Winner: Chandler Park via Pinfall

– Backstage, Sydal said EC3 was able to put yet another intermediary between them, to stay just far enough away. Sydal says he felt like tonight was a win to him, and wants to ditch the judges and have people question everything. Think for yourselves!

Alberto El Patron vs. Eli Drake (c) (Impact Global Championship)

Drake slams Patron’s head on the announce table, chokes him with the apron, rolls him into the ring, pin, two. Back and forth action when Drake tries to hit Patron with the title, swings, misses, and drops the title. Patron drops Drake on the title, pin, two. Minor referee bump, Drake connects with the title, pin, and gets the victory.

Winner: Eli Drake via Pinfall to retain the Impact Global Championship

– After the match, Eli Drake gloats about defeating Patron and remaining Impact Global Champion.

oVe (c) vs. LAX (Impact World Tag Team Championship – If LAX loses, they are gone from Impact)

Ortiz catches Jake on the second rope, Dave from behind, powerbomb/blockbuster lands clean. Jake with the pin, 1-2-no! All seeing eye attempt, Santana shows up and knocks Jake down on the top rope. Ortiz death valley driver. Jake and Santana both on the top rope, Santana tries for a splash and Jake hits a midair cutter to halt Santana. Ortiz and Jake in the ring now, choping away at each other. Street sweeper on Jake, pin, 1-2-3!

Winners: LAX via Pinfall to win the Impact World Tag Team Championship

– Post-match, LAX celebrates in the crowd.

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