Impact Wrestling Recap 5/18/17: Ultimate X Match, EC3 Vs. Storm, Joseph Park Returns And More


Taped at ‘The Impact Zone’ in Orlando, Florida

The show opens with a video recap of what took place last week on Impact. From L.A.X’s faux funeral for The Decay, and their confrontation with the Veterans of War, to Alberto El Patron defeating Magnus to become the new GFW Global Champion. Also highlighted in the video is the announcement of the return of ‘Ultimate X’. Which will see Low-Ki defend the X division championship against Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee tonight.

Inside the ‘Impact Zone’, Dave Penzer introduces the current Impact Tag Team Champions L.A.X. They make their way to the ring from their own separate entrance way. Which is off to the side of the normal ramp way. It is very similar to the ECW entranceway, when that brand re-launched on the Sci-Fi network…. This entrance and the opening 5 minutes of Impact can be seen in the video below.

L.A.X. (Santana & Ortiz) w/Konnan,Diamante & Homicide vs. Laredo Kid & Garza Jr.


This tournament has no brackets listed, nor are the amount of teams or matches listed either. On commentary, This is noted as a first round match and a semifinals match?….

All 4 men get in the ring and start shoving at the outset. Garza Jr. slingshots Laredo into LAX. They then both leap onto Santana and Ortiz at ringside. The tandem offense continues for Laredo and Garza. They hit an assisted neckbreaker on Santana. Ortiz breaks the count and then gets in the ring. Ortiz ends up hitting a death valley driver on Laredo but he blind tags in Garza Jr, who leaps off and hits a flying dropkick. Santana tags himself in and goes to the air and tags Garza with a missile dropkick. Santana takes control connecting with several strikes. LAX the double teams Garza and they hit a backbreaker/leg drop combo on Garza. With Garza knocked to the outside, Homicide goes on the attack while the ref is distracted…..

LAX stays in control for the next couple of minutes. Garza Jr. rallies and strips out of his tights. Laredo Kid is tagged in and takes to the air. Ortiz goes to the top with Laredo, Garza sneaks up from behind and powerbombs Ortiz off the top with Laredo in his arms. When they land, Santana flies off the top rope with an awkward looking frog splash. The show goes to it’s first break with all four men grounded…..


When the show returns, Ortiz has Laredo Kid cornered. LAX beats down on him together. Laredo is thrown to the outside and gets beat up by Diamante and Homicide. When Kid gets back in the ring, He rallies with a tornado DDT, tags in Garza and then hit a succession of tandem moves. Moments later, Garza Jr. starts to fight off both Ortiz and Santana by himself. Garza has the momentum until Diamante meets him on the apron and gives him a hurricanrana off of it.With Garza eliminated from the equation. Laredo Kid is now left to fend for himself against LAX. Santana and Ortiz finish off Laredo with a blockbuster type doomsday device to secure the victory.

LAX defeats Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. to advance in the GFW Tag Title tournament


Bruce Prichard is shown backstage on the phone. Magnus confronts Bruce and tells him that he cost him his golden ticket. Magnus says that he is not surprised with the way Impact is being run with Pritchard at the helm. Bruce tells Magnus to stop complaining and get himself back in title contention. Magnus then promises that he is going to do something now and storms off.


McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Karen Jarrett. She announces a mixed tag match for next week’s Impact. Which will see Davey Richards team with his wife Angelina Love against Eddie Edwards and his wife Alisha. Magnus walks in on the interview and pushes Karen aside.

A video package follows, that is narrated by Laurel Van Ness. It shows her unleashing of Kongo Kong and her current feud with Braxton Sutter and Allie.

Kongo Kong w/Laurel Van Ness vs. Braxton Sutter w/Allie


Surprisingly short match here. Sutter takes the fight to Kong and tries desperately to knock him off his feet. He is unable to do so. Kong dominates the majority of the match. In the end, Kongo flattens Sutter with a sideways Michinoku driver and pins him.

Kongo Kong defeats Braxton Sutter by pinfall

After the match, KM and Sienna show up. They beat down on Sutter. Laurel grabs Allie from behind and forces her to watch. Mahabali Shera runs down to the ring to save Sutter. The heels retreat. Braxton Sutter gets on the mic. He insults Sienna and KM, Sutter calls Sienna a “dude”, and then challenges KM and Kongo to a tag match against him and Shera for next week.

After the break, An Ultimate X history package airs. In it, highlights are shown from all the major stars in the division’s past. Like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal etc etc etc…. The current X division wrestlers talk about their favorite wrestlers and moments from the past.

Last week’s whipping of James Storm by EC3 is now shown. The video hypes the upcoming match between the two after the break.

Ethan Carter III vs. ‘The Cowboy’ James Storm

Magnus has joined Josh Mathews and Da Pope on commentary…… Magnus says that he is out to scout these two and get himself back into title contention. Magnus also rips on Bruce Prichard and his current “reign of terror”. Magnus thought that he was done with Prichard. Mathews says that he thought that Prichard was dead……..


Storm rushes into the ring and goes after Carter. James controls the early going of this match. Carter battles back and grounds Storm. He taunts him and the crowd. Storm tries to battle back but his offense gets shut down quickly. EC3 stays in control for the next couple of minutes despite Storm’s best efforts to turn the tide. The action gets to the outside and Carter rams Storm’s head into the ring apron repeatedly. Back in the ring, Carter goes for the TK3 but Storm counters out of it. He turns the tide finally back in his favor by grounding Carter with a stiff martial arts kick. Now on the outside, Storm grabs a belt at ringside and prepares to whip Carter. Magnus gets up to confront Storm, before he can start whipping EC3. Bruce Prichard and Impact officials run out to ringside. Bruce gets officials to escort Magnus away from ringside. As the show heads to break.


A Don West ad airs prior to the show returning. He is hawking a special AJ Styles clearance sale……..

EC3 has Storm in a camel clutch, when the action returns. Storm fights out of it and hits a flurry of moves on Carter. He the hits a running neck breaker and heads to the top rope but Carter recovers and knocks him down. EC3 then hits the TK3 on Storm. He doesn’t cover Storm and instead heads to the outside to get the leather strap. He teases bringing it into the ring with him but the ref stops him. Carter then hits another TK3 on Storm and yet again, he doesn’t cover him. EC3 gets the leather strap again and he then knocks down referee Brian Stifler. Carter pulls up his shirt and starts whipping the referee repeatedly. The bell is called.

James Storm defeats Ethan Carter III by disqualification

While Carter is whipping the referee. Storm recovers, sneaks up from behind Carter and hits a backstabber on him. Storm then sets up for the Last Call kick but Magnus runs out and attacks Storm. Magnus heads inside the ring after flooring Storm and confronts Carter. They jaw jack for a bit until Bruce Prichard makes his way back to the ring. Bruce says that he wants a main event at Slammiversary and that he is tired of the chaos caused by these men. Prichard books a 3-way match between Carter, Storm and Magnus for next week’s Impact. With the winner becoming the #1 contender and main eventing the Slammiversary pay-per-view. Confusing because it seemed like Mathews hinted at Lashley defending against Alberto at the pay-per-view.

After Bruce’s announcement. He confronts EC3 and tells him that he regrets giving him advice a few weeks back. Prichard had told Ethan to go find himself. Prichard now tells EC3 to go look in the mirror and find his balls. Carter gets upset and grabs Prichard as he tries to walk away. EC3 then slams Prichard head first into the mat.

After the break, A road to recovery vignette airs. It chronicles Rockstar Spud’s recovery from ‘Swoggle’s hammer attack on him. Spud promises to return to the Impact Zone to exact his revenge.


Sienna (c) w/KM vs. ODB

After some early brawling by ODB. Sienna gets the better of her by sending her crashing to the outside. Sienna then throws ODB shoulder first into the ring post and follows up with a straight kick. When the action gets back inside, ODB starts to rally. She hits a succession of her signature moves. She then rams Sienna’s head into the turnbuckle from a seated position. ODB then tries to fly but Sienna side steps her and ODB crashes to the mat. Sienna then hits her silencer finisher on ODB and secures the victory.

Sienna defeats ODB by pinfall to retain The GFW Women’s Championship

Josh Mathews and Da Pope are shown at the broadcast table. They are resetting the show while fans at ringside chant at Josh that he sucks. Jeremy Borash’s music hits and he makes his down to the broadcast area. Borash says that he has hired an attorney and he announces that he has been officially reinstated by Impact Wrestling. Josh is in disbelief and Borash presents him with the legal documents. Mathews asks JB, who his attorney is. Borash introduces Joseph Park as his attorney. Park makes his way down to ringside. He tells the fans how much he misses them. Park gets into Mathews face and tells him that JB will retain and retake his position as the lead play by play man for Impact Wrestling. Mathews calls out Joseph Park for being Abyss. Park plays dumb and talks about his past in Impact. He cites “beating that midcarder Bully Ray”. Park tells Mathews that he and JB want to fight him. Park challenges Mathews to a tag team match at Slammmiversary. He instructs Mathews to find a partner to team up against Park and JB at the pay-per-view. Mathews leaves ringside and vows to find a partner for that match.


Low-Ki (c) vs. Trevor Lee w/Shane Helms vs. Andrew Everett

The X title is of course hanging on a cable above the ring. Low-Ki is still rocking his “Agent 47” Hitman themed ring attire….. Borash is calling the action, as all three men go after each other at the outset. Low-Ki kicks down his competition early. Low-Ki ends up making the first attempt to climb the metal structure to the title but is knocked down to the outside. Everett knocks down Lee and moments later, hits a standing rana on Low-Ki. Everett scales the structure and tries to make his way to the title but is knocked down to the apron. Low-Ki and Everett battle on the apron and Lee pushes both of them into the steel barricade. As the show heads to break.


Trevor Lee is in control when the show returns. Low-Ki tries to sneak up the structure but is pulled down. Lee then goes back to work on Everett. He hits a dead weight german suplex on him. Low-Ki again attampts to sneak up the structure. Lee knocks him down yet again. Trevor is left alone now and starts to climb the structure. He hangs on the cable and tries to scale his way to the center of the ring. Everett is able to pull Lee off of the cable. Low-Ki is back and he tries to cross the cable but fails. Lee and Everett go at it again. Trevor then meets Low-Ki on the apron. Trevor wins the battle by biting Low Ki and then punt kicking him in the head. Andrew is back up and he hits a shooting star press off the top rope and onto Low Ki and Trevor Lee. Moments later, the first men up is Low-Ki and he makes his way towards the center of the cables but Everett stops him with a springboard drop kick. Meanwhile, Shane Helms gives Trevor Lee a steel chair at ringside. Lee ends up throwing Low-Ki into the steel barricade and then rushes across the ring to hit Everett with the steel chair, before he can scale to the X title. Lee accidentally strikes himself as well with the chair.


Seconds later, a recovered Lee throws Everett into the steel chair. Low-Ki is back and he punches steel chair into Trevor Lee’s head. Low-Ki heads up for the title, Trevor Lee tries to join him on the top rope. Both men battle back to the mat and Lee hits a standing double foot stomp. Everett then hits a reverse franken driver on Lee. All 3 men are down when Lee recovers and power bombs Everett. Low-Ki is up and hits a double foot stomp on Lee. He then heads up the structure. He sells not being able to climb because of his injuring his hand, when he punched Lee’s steel chair. Everett ends up going after Low-Ki and leaves him hanging upside down from the steel structure. Helms gets involved and hits a top rope neck breaker on Everett. This enables Lee to recover and Helms tries to aid him to victory, by allowing Trevor to stand on his shoulders, on his way to the X title. Low-Ki has recovered and knocks down both Helms and Lee. He then makes his way up and actually walks up over the metal structure. Meanwhile, Lee and Everett are scaling the cables to the center. Low-Ki climbs down from the center of the steel structure and is on top of the cables. He knocks off both Lee and Everett, who are inches away from the title. With Low-Ki sitting on top of the cables, he reaches down and grabs the X division championship to win the match.


Low-Ki defeats Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett to retain the X Division Championship

Winner And Still #XDivision Champion after #Ultimate X @OneWorldWarrior! Congratulations!#IMPACTonPOP


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