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Impact Wrestling Fires Long Time Employee


Impact Wrestling Ring Transportation Manager Bob Rosen revealed on Facebook tonight that he has been let go by the company. Rosen had worked for the company for 13 years, and had suffered a heart attack at last year’s television tapings with a 99% blockage of his heart.

“Well it’s time to thank everyone who trusted me to build and keep anyone who step foot into one of my rings safe,” Rosen wrote. “I’m officially gone from Impact Wrestling (not by my choice!) .

“The last 13years have been the greatest time in my life from the great talent who showed me much respect for what we did with the rings and cages,” Rosen continued (sic). “To the back production people who never got the credit they deserve. These people who come together under great stress and pull off some of the greatest shows you’ve watched weather it was TNA or IMPACT WRESTLING.”

Rosen noted that he will not be gone from wrestling, stating that “I still believe every talent deserves to work in a great ring.”

Rosen added, “My passion for this business has taken a hit because of how this staff was treated but I still love wrestling and I will be back. I’m still building the best rings today. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

Rosen’s departure is just the latest in a series of office and talent departures from the company, which includes all of their contracted referees, Live Events Manager Rafael Morfi and Director & Producer Dave Sahadi, as well as talent such as James Storm, Rockstar Spud, Taryn Terrell, Eddie Kingston, Robbie E., Swoggle (f.k.a. Hornswoggle in WWE), The Veterans of War (Mayweather & Wilcox) and Mahabali Shera, among others.

Hideo Salami contributed to this article.

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