Impact Star Revealed Who She Wanted To Face In WWE Before Her Release


Angelina Love recently appeared on “The Rack,” where she revealed her favorite opponents and how she wanted to face Trish Stratus and Victoria before she was released by WWE.

“I feel like every girl has brought out something different in me. Kong for instance, was one of my favorite people to feud with,” Angelina said of her favorite Impact Wrestling opponents.

“Taylor Wilde, we trained together at Squared Circle in Toronto, under Rob Fuego. Being able to go on the road and do house shows together and PPVs. We did everything against each other and it’s so cool because it was two girls who came from a training school in Toronto. We were in WWEdevelopmental together as well,” said Love. “Gail always makes me step up my game.”

Prior to becoming a decorated talent with Impact Wrestling, where she’s a six-time Knockout Champion, Love worked under a developmental contract in WWE. While there, she always wanted to wrestle some of the top female performers.

“When I got released from WWE, I remember doing an interview and they asked me who did you not get a chance to wrestle, that you wanted too in WWE and my answer was Trish and Victoria,” Love recalled. “I was her first feud when she came to TNA, so that was really fun.”

“I feel like feuding with all these different people brought all different kinds of aspects for me,” said Love. “I like everybody in their own right.”

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