Impact recap and reactions: Knockouts division shines



The Knockouts division has often been a strong suit for Impact. It was no different on the latest episode of Impact Wrestling (Apr. 27, 2023). The Knockouts shined throughout the night.

Jordynne Grace battled Masha Slamovich in the opener. The Juggernaut unleashed a barrage of strikes and hit the Vader bomb. That wasn’t enough to keep Slamovich down for the count.

The Russian had success targeting Grace’s throat into the ropes. Grace regrouped with a Musclebuster. Slamovich kicked out again. She unloaded kicks, but Grace answered with body slams. Slamovich ran the ropes into a cradle driver from Grace. Kick out on the cover.

The action progressed into a tactical battle. On an exchange of sleepers, Slamovich executed a trap German suplex. Very cool move. Grace regained control to attempt a second musclebuster, but Slamovich escaped for a roll-up. Both women rapidly reversed position for a series of rolling pins. Grace was able to secure leverage for the win.

Watch the full match for yourself.

The Knockouts Championship was on the line in the main event. Deonna Purrazzo defended gold against Taylor Wilde. The Coven were up to their witchy ways looking for an advantage.

The Coven’s dark arts did not produce the result they desired. Purrazzo outworked Wilde to lock in the Venus de Milo double armbar for victory. Afterward, the Coven attacked Purrazzo. Grace ran in to even the odds. Aside from respect for the champ, Grace also had motive for one more match for the Knockouts Championship. (Full details here.)

Later in the news cycle, Impact announced Grace will have a championship rematch against Purrazzo at Under Siege on May 26, but it won’t come for free. If Grace loses, then she will be banned from another Knockouts title shot as long as Purrazzo is champion. (Full details here.)

As for Slamovich, her next dance partner will be Killer Kelly. Perfect playmates they can be.

Also on the card, Jody Threat defeated Seleziya Sparx. She exploded with lariats in the corner, a pump kick, knees to the spine, a German suplex, and the F5 to finish. Threat will compete in action next week versus Alisha Edwards.

We can’t leave out Rosemary and Jessicka. They were blocked from entering the Undead Realm. Crazzy Steve reminded Rosemary that she needs to speak with Father James Mitchell to sort it out.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the results from Impact Wrestling.

  • Nick Aldis’ career journey was recapped.

  • Joe Hendry suffered a broken nose in his recent match against Sheldon Jean.
  • Steve Maclin called out PCO for a Impact World Championship match. It was a ruse for an attack by Champagne Singh and Shera. Director of Authority Santino Marella wouldn’t let that stand. He booked an impromptu match between PCO and Singh.
  • PCO defeated Champagne Singh. The French-Canadian Frankenstein powered through for a moonsault to win.

  • The Design put their trust in Sami Callihan, but he betrayed them. Pain is coming.

  • Johnny Swinger defeated Dineroco. If Swinger can earn 50 wins, then he will receive a world title shot. Swingman has yet to taste victory. Zicky Dice planted a scheme. He foot the bill for a special luchador that he thought Swinger could beat. Commentary pointed out that is was clearly Dice under the mask. Swinger won the match with ease on a magistral cradle. Backstage, Santino didn’t fall for that trick.
  • Kenny King offered advice to Sheldon Jean. King wanted to help steer Jean’s career. Jean didn’t trust King’s motives, but it seemed like he had nothing to lose in listening.

  • Ace Austin & Chris Bey defeated Angels & Kon. Deaner was ringside. Callihan did a hit-and-run on Deaner. ABC finished with the Art of Finesse and the Fold combo closer.
  • Santino was attacked during the previous match. It couldn’t have been Callihan or the Design this time. That means a mystery is afoot. Dango used the clue of a tuft of hair to become Detective of Authority.
  • Frankie Kazarian explained his career journey in an interview as a cornerstone to the X-Division to making his mark outside of Impact. He learned that he didn’t want to become a veteran clinging to his spot with dirty business.

This was a solid episode of Impact Wrestling putting pieces into place for storylines. I’m giving the nod to Jordynne Grace and Masha Slamovich for the match of the night. They have enjoyable chemistry for clubbering and clobbering. The Knockouts Championship post-match scuffle was a good example of how Impact has a reason for everything they do. In this case, it directly led to the title rematch at Under Siege. Grace earned that spot with an impressive win over Slamovich, and that result also freed up the Russian for her feud with Killer Kelly.

Staying in line with that thinking, it makes the attacks on Santino Marella more interesting. Impact is doing this for a reason, but we don’t know why just yet. The suspect list could be long, especially since Santino is in a position of authority. Also, I find it curious that Nick Aldis and Frankie Kazarian had similar segments. Could that be foreshadowing for Kaz to be Aldis’ first big feud in his return to Impact?

There are a lot of story directions to stew on coming out of this episode to build anticipation for next week.

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