IMPACT Grand Championship Match: Marufuji vs. Moose


Moose has a vision. That vision is that The IMPACT Grand Championship is looked at on par with The Unified World Championship. Moose has been traveling with his IMPACT Grand Championship all over the world, to places like Germany and The United Kingdom and Moose has been doing everything he can to make his championship visible to the world.

Now Moose has a major star coming to challenge him this week on IMPACT in the form of Naomichi Marufuji from Pro Wrestling NOAH. Marufuji who is a 3x GHC World Heavyweight Champion, a former GHC Light Heavyweight Champion and has won titles all over the world and has made a huge name for himself.

Marufuji will have to get used to the style of not only American wrestling, but the rounds system of The IMPACT Grand Championship rules. Moose knows he might have that advantage, but Moose will certainly not take Marufuji lightly. Moose told IMPACTWrestling.Com, “I know and respect Marufuji and he will have my full attention, however this is a match I know I can win.”

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