Iga Swiatek addresses post-match argument with chair umpire Marija Cicak


Iga Swiatek didn’t want to declare her post-match moment with Marija Cicak as “tension” but rather a situation where she just wanted to clarify some things with the chair umpire. On Friday, Swiatek saw off Marketa Vondrousova 7-6 (3) 6-1 in the Cincinnati quarterfinal. Late in the match, Swiatek received a warning from chair umpire Cicak because the chair umpire felt the Pole was taking too long to prepare for Vondrousova’s serve. After completing a two-set win over Vondrousova, Swiatek was seen addressing the moment with Cicak. In her post-match press conference, Swiatek suggested Vondrousova was being too fast and she needed to catch her breath. 

Swiatek addresses the moment with Cicak 

“I wouldn’t say ‘tension’. I respect Marija Cicak, she’s a great umpire. But overall she’s really strict with the rules, and she’s applying them always, looking at even like one second and everything. Yeah, last two games, we played some longer rallies, so I felt like I need time to just catch my breath, but Marketa didn’t really let me do that. We have, what, 23 or 25 seconds She was always ready when there was still 20 seconds. I’m using that break to get ready for the next point. Here I didn’t really have time, so I wanted to kind of steal a few seconds for myself. I’ll be honest with you. I was always ready when it was like 16 or 15 seconds, so I thought it’s plenty enough time for Marketa. The rule is actually that the time is for her. When she’s ready, I have to be ready. Like, she was ready really fast, you know? I mean, I just told Marija Cicak that I’m human, I need to breathe, you know. I’m okay. I mean, I can still play well. Physically I’m ready. It’s just there’s the point that we have 20 seconds. I totally get the rule, and I’m not going to, like, push because that’s the rule, and we have to adjust to it,” Swiatek said, via Sportskeeda.

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