Hulk Hogan to Sign New WWE Contract Soon?


It sounds like WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is preparing to sign a new deal with WWE, perhaps a Legends deal.

The Hulkster is getting close to signing a WWE contract but he will not be wrestling, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

There’s no word yet on what WWE has planned for Hogan or if they are looking to bring him back for a TV role.

Hogan was recently reinstated into the Hall of Fame after the company parted ways with him in 2015 following the racist comments debacle. Hogan returned to WWE TV as Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, and made an appearance at a March of Dimes event earlier this month.

Hogan spoke with The Orlando Sentinel before his Crown Jewel return and said there are a lot of plans in the works. He also said that he and WWE were “moving forward at a rapid pace.”

“This is a total ego trip, but this is what I would love: To be the hood ornament of the WWE, to be the Babe Ruth of the WWE, and to always be around when any of the big stuff is going on…” Hogan said. “I sure would love to be a part of the WrestleManias and the big events and the grand openings and the new conquests of the WWE. Saudi Arabia! Hong Kong! China! Antarctica! The North Pole! Whatever it is, I’d like to be part of the ongoing growth of the wrestling business, and be with WWE the whole time, that’s the only place to be.”

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