Hulk Hogan on What It’s Like Being Back with WWE, Getting Bullied When He Was a Kid


As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan appeared with Titus O’Neil, Dasha Fuentes and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Bayley for a “Be A Star” anti-bullying rally at the Grace Salesian Boys & Girls Club in Tampa, Florida following the WrestleMania 36 press conference last week.

Above is video of The Hulkster talking to Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald at the event. Hogan talked about how he was bullied a lot as a kid, and how important it is to spread the anti-bullying message.

“It’s really cool to be here because when I talk to boys clubs it’s mainly about accountability, and stepping up and owning it, good or bad, but today is a little bit different subject, it’s about bullying,” Hogan said. “And so many of us, such as me having the largest head in elementary school, and I was so far when I was a kid, I’d go to the beach and I was the only one that didn’t take my shirt off. I got bullied a lot, and some of these kids don’t realize this, a lot of the other WWE Superstars got bullied. So, we got a lot in common. So, to share our stories and let these kids know they’re not in it alone, is a major deal, brother.”

Varsallone asked Hogan how it feels to be back with WWE and Hogan talked about how cool it is to be back once again.

“Well, it’s really cool to be back,” Hogan said. “I’m in and out all the time. I started in 1977, 1978 for Vince’s father, and I’ve quit, I’ve been fired, I quit, I’ve been fired. But it’s great to be back, you know? It’s just really fun being home with these guys, it’s really, really cool.”

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