how much is Marco Verratti worth?


For a few weeks, the hypothesis of a departure of Marco Verratti has taken on thickness, in Paris. What is the current rating of the little Italian on the market?

A few months ago, it would have been difficult to imagine Marco Verratti leaving. In the heart of winter, the Italian international extended his contract until 2027, while proclaiming his love for the capital and France. ” I grew up here, I built a family herehe confided in an interview with France Football. I arrived, I was still only a teenager. Today I am a man. I lived this important passage of my life, here, in France. The French are very discreet, they let you live your life. It’s not people who judge you“.

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This last sentence resonates with a particular echo, today, in a period when Marco Verratti seems to be precisely impacted by the criticisms of which he is the object. Pointed out for his performance on the pitch and his lifestyle off it, the “little owl” has mainly been the target of club supporters, his name being mentioned during the demonstrations which took place last month in front of the headquarters of the club. PSG. An episode that the player experienced very badly. To the point of opening the door to a departure? This is what several sources have indicated in recent weeks.

The man who personifies the QSI era

The feasibility of such an operation remains very uncertain. Arrived from Pescara in 2012, when he still had no experience at the very highest level, Marco Verratti became the man of one club. With its vices and its virtues. His consecrations and his disappointments. Verratti knew everything in Paris. He is perhaps even the player who most personifies the QSI era. What is his rating on the transfer market today?

Verratti, an astonishing price

Several parameters are taken into account to provide some answers: include age, room for improvement, contractual situation, performance and media impact. Verratti, 30, has a unanimously hailed pure talent. He is also linked to Paris Saint-Germain until 2027. But the club’s repeated crashes on the European scene have also weakened his status. His aesthetic style is quite atypical, too, out of step with the standards of more athletic modern football. According to the Transfermarkt site, Marco Verratti, represented by Rafaela Pimenta, would have a value currently estimated at 50 million euros. A basic price called to evolve according to the law of the market, if the file ignites in the weeks to come…

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