Holger Rune: “Roger Federer broke rackets but he wasn’t bad”


Holger Rune has given an interesting interview to El Pais, which surprised the fans, and not a little. The Big Three, the rivalry with Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz and the tendency to be perceived as a bad boy.

These are the themes touched upon by the Dane, who at the Roland Garros stopped in the quarterfinals against the finalist Casper Ruud.

The 20-year-old immediately declared and clarified: “I don’t consider myself a bad boy or anything like that. What I like is playing tennis, I want to make a career and improve. Roger Federer also broke his rackets when he was young and that didn’t made bad. Both he and Rafa are the perfect characters, because they show emotions and fight like crazy. He is admirable.”

Then he continued: “As a child I spent hours watching matches, I was one of those who went to the outdoor courts to watch matches at random. I’m passionate about this sport and I think this passion I feel is what characterizes me the most.”

And on Carlos Alcaraz he underlined: “The rivalry we had in the Juniores was great, we pushed ourselves to explore our limits. His way of fighting to the end makes our confrontations exciting.”

Holger Rune’s interview

Rune also highlighted how difficult it is to manage emotions during a big match: “Obviously it’s complicated, but it’s also difficult to play well and be physically fit.

I mean competing at this level is not easy, if you want to be up there you have to go through all that kind of stuff. You don’t have to think about whether it’s difficult or not, just dig deep and find a way to win and go all out. That’s my way of seeing it.”

Rune overcome losses quickly: “When I lose, it’s over. I can’t make up for lost time and nothing can be changed. Of course I’m frustrated, but I prefer to focus on the present and only look ahead.”

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