History Being Made With John Cena vs AJ Styles, Expectations For The Match


The third of four CSR segments is talking about John Cena vs AJ Styles. CSR’s Justin LaBar wrote a column for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about the historic aspect of this match. Here’s a sample:

Cena has carried the WWE brand into an era where they’ve made more money than ever via multiple avenues of revenue as an entertainment juggernaut. Styles hasn’t been the top guy for just one company, but was a main-event feature in every other major televised wrestling organization in the world.

The stage that’s being set with their verbal interactions has been nothing short of captivating. A simple and always successful formula has been applied in letting the art appear to imitate life. Styles talking about Cena burying guys like him. Cena responding about how he’s seen others come in from other companies like Styles and try to make a statement at Cena’s expense. These are all common threads among the Internet and the most invested fans. It’s all stereotypes and stigmas that can’t be proven as fact, it’s all subjective to each viewer.

What can’t be denied is it’s all relevant conversation and debates that take place. When these two stars bring these topics into their promos, it grabs the viewers’ attention because it makes the viewer feel like they’ve contributed to this story. Cena and Style acknowledging these comments made by fans via social media gives this feud a spark and feel like it’s getting personal.

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