Here’s Omega being showered with boos and Punk chants after Dynamite went off the air


AEW Dynamite

CM Punk is returning to AEW this Saturday night (June 17) for the premiere of AEW Collision. The Forbidden Door pay-per-view is coming up on the following weekend (June 25), so it’s a very busy time in AEW right now.

After last night’s (June 14) episode of AEW Dynamite went off the air, Kenny Omega grabbed a mic and tried to hype up the the live fans in Washington D.C. about AEW’s upcoming schedule of events.

Check out the mixed reaction he received after he mentioned AEW Collision:

There is a lot of heavy booing, which I assume to be meant for CM Punk, because he is the face of Collision and the number one name associated with the show. There are plenty of loud chants in support of Punk too, of course.

CM generally has his finger on the pulse of what pro wrestling fans want to see, so perhaps he will lean into the boos and turn heel soon after he is welcomed back as a hometown hero in Collision’s debut show in Chicago. Or maybe he has a first promo in mind for the Collision premiere that will make most of these boos go away for future shows outside of Chicago.

Omega reacts to the boos and Punk chants by saying all of these shows “gives us an opportunity for us to hash it out.” That’s an ambiguous statement that can be a kayfabe reference to any enemy of The Elite, such as The Blackpool Combat Club. But of course the most intriguing interpretation is that he’s referring to last year’s backstage fight at All Out between The Elite and Punk. CM has already said that he has a lot of things to get off his chest this weekend when he returns for the second coming.

It’s an interesting time to be an AEW fan, that’s for sure.

How do you think fans will react to CM Punk during the early weeks of his return to AEW, Cagesiders?

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