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Heath Slater Says He Would 100% Run For President


In an interview with Forbes’ Pro Wrestling Bits, Heath Slater said that he’s trying to reinvent himself in Impact Wrestling so he can be taken more serious. He compares it to his time in the WWE when he was more of a comedy act. Slater adds, however, if given the opportunity he’d absolutely throw his name into the presidential hat as part of his current gimmick.

“Hell yeah! Of course I would. I’d be like come on, man, we’re going to do this. Vote for me. I would 100% run for it, I really would. But you know how crazy this world is. They might be like, ‘You know, we’re just going to nominate this guy. We don’t know nothing ’bout him, but he’ll probably do better than these other two.’ Yeah, control of the United States? Being the leader? Whoo.”

You can catch Heath Slater every Tuesday night on AXS TV and Twitch.

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