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Heath Admits That The NEXUS Losing The SummerSlam 2010 Main Event Still Pisses Him Off


IMPACT star and current tag champion Heath recently spoke with Cultaholic about a wide variety of pro-wrestling-related topics, which included a look into Heath’s WWE tenure, and his run with the famous Nexus faction.

During the interview, Heath would be asked about the infamous SummerSlam 2010 main event matchup that saw the group take on Team Cena (John Cena, John Morrison, R-Truth, Bret Hart, Edge, Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan), a bout that Cena ended up winning for his team. Highlights are below.

Says he is still mad about the NEXUS losing the SummerSlam 2010 main event:

“People still talk about it. That was one of those moments that where people said, ‘What the hell?’ I mean, we might not have won that many matches how it was planned and the bull crap and how they did it, man. SummerSlam still pisses me off. But it’s one of those things to where like, they should’ve had us dominate SummerSlam, go to ‘Mania, let the whole supergroup of WWE beat us. But like, there was so much they could’ve done, but there were so many egos flying at the time where they didn’t want us, a group of rookies, to take a step forward I’m guessing.”

Says that the original match ending had them winning, but hours before the show it changed:

“When we were there, they had us scheduled to win. Then, four hours later we lose. So it’s like, ‘What just happened?’ You know?”

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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