Hardy Boyz to appear on the RAW after WrestleMania


Matt and Jeff Hardy are expected to return to WWE, and the alleged homecoming could take place on the episode of Monday Night RAW after Wrestlemania.

In a recent interview with TMZ, the Broken Messiah stated that his contract with ROH doesn’t allow him to fight for any other promotion. However, upon being further pressed to comment on a speculated appearance at Wrestlemania, Matt brushed it off by saying that anything could happen in his Broken Universe.

Ever since their departure from TNA, the Hardys have constantly been posting cryptic messages on social media suggesting their return to the WWE. They have also continued to take digs at WWE Superstars. Even Vince McMahon felt the brunt of their Broken Brilliance.

During the same interview, Matt pledged to delete McMahon if the Chairman of the WWE jerked him around. He went a step further by claiming that his drone Vanguard 1 had McMahon under 24/7 surveillance and he has been keeping track of his every move, in case, McMahon tried to interfere in his twisted ways.

Here is his interview with TMZ, as it happened:

The Hardys are currently under a short-term contract with ROH, where they recently became the Tag Team Champions after defeating the Young Bucks.

As noted previously, the Hardys signed a deal with independent promotion ROH, however, speculation suggests that the deal is short-term in nature.

On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer noted that the Hardys’ contract with ROH would culminate on April 1st, which opens up the possibility of them returning to the WWE as early as Wrestlemania. He further went on to state that with Wrestlemania already being a stacked card, the appearance could be postponed to the go home episode of the Show of Shows.

Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Weekly reaffirmed the claim and stated that he has confirmed with two of his sources that the deal between the Hardys and ROH is indeed a short one and their return to the WWE is imminent.

The aforementioned reports justify the reason behind Matt Hardy constantly teasing matches with WWE Superstars on interviews and social media.

Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero will now defend their ROH Tag team Tiles against the Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice in a three-way match at the ROH 15th Anniversary pay-per-view on March 10th.

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