What Happened After WWE RAW 25 Went Off Air? (Photos)


After Raw went off the air, The Miz came out to cut a promo on DX and Balor Club saying he was the only champion here.  He knocked everyone in the ring for being meaningless firmer champions and said he would make sure none of them will be invited to Raw 30.

WWE Raw Tag Team champion Seth Rollins came out.  The crowd chanted “ROH” so Miz told him to go downstairs to the Bingo Hall.  Rollins said it was true he won the ROH World Title here and he was proud of it.  He knocked Miz.

Miz cut an epic promo on the fans for not backing him when they were erupting for him earlier.  He was so good at it, the fans started applauding and Miz shut them down.  Finally, Rollins laid him out with the Blackout, led everyone in saying “Suck It” and celebrated.

Triple H said that tonight was a special moment for all of them being here back 25 years later where Raw started.   He said standing here with so many of his friends meant the world.   He thanked everyone from the bottom of their hearts.  They played the DX theme to send everyone home.


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