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Greg Penner says Sean Payton has them teed up to be a ‘very different team’ in 2023


NFL: Denver Broncos Press Conference
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Denver Broncos owner/CEO seems to have both thumbs up for the new team unfolding in Denver.

CEO and owner Greg Penner shared an update on the Denver Broncos’ offseason, and once again, I am cautiously optimistic about the year ahead. The focus right now, which he reinforced today, is building something strong.

Penner admitted that he’s not as hung up on wins as he is on changing the atmosphere and culture in Denver.

“One thing that we’re really confident in is that we’re going to take the right approach, and we will have the right expectations of our staff and our players,” he said, noting that the rest of the Walton-Penner family shares in this goal.

They have all learned a lot in the past seven and a half months. “One is just how passionate our fans are and how much they want to win,” Penner confessed, “The last seven seasons have been tough. At the end of the day, probably the biggest learning — and we saw this fall — was it comes back to we got to have the right people in place.”

Penner reiterated the importance of the culture. “We need the right culture, we have to set expectations, and we need accountability. I think with hiring Sean Payton, we’re teed up to be a very different team next year.”

It really seems like Payton is organizing a well-rounded unit, and Penner backed this up in a statement. “I think as a head coach, probably the most important thing you do is the staff that you hire. Right away, he came in and he’s built a staff that’s diverse — and I mean diverse across multiple dimensions.”

By “multiple dimensions,” Penner elaborated that it’s age and “diverse backgrounds from different coaching trees, perspectives, and all that.” He added that it’s been most impressive.

The coaching staff isn’t the only splash Sean Payton has made this year. He’s already shared his honest opinions about the Broncos’ offense being “hard to watch” last year, and that practices are going to be more intensive. He’s also made it clear that everyone’s suiting up for the preseason.

If you’re anything like me, you’re [cautiously] hyped right now. I always have to insert “cautiously” because I don’t want to jinx anything, but right now the pieces are falling into place in a way that just makes sense for building a solid unit — even if we don’t make it to the playoffs.

That said, I hope we make it to the playoffs…

What are you most excited about with Sean Payton in the driver’s seat now? Are there any changes or declarations he’s made that have stood out to you the most?

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