Graham Potter threatened with death at Chelsea, the astonishing confidences of Marcus Rashford


Graham Potter is very worried about his family

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This Saturday morning, the English media are in shock after reading the terrible revelations of Graham Potter. In an interview with Sky Sports News published this Friday, the Chelsea coach explains that he has received death threats following the poor results that Chelsea have been doing since the start of the season. And unfortunately, these messages from supporters do not only affect him, but his whole family, enough to worry the 47-year-old Englishman. This is what the manager said:I got some not very nice emails that wanted me to die and my kids to die, so obviously it’s not nice to receive. You could ask my family about my daily life and theirs. It’s not pleasant at all.” Clearly for the DailyMirrorthese pseudo supporters are “sick“.

Marcus Rashford relies on his mind

In today’s edition, The Manchester Evening News shares two interviews with Manchester United players. We start with Lisandro Martinez, the Argentine defender, recruited this summer, impresses everyone in His Majesty’s country. He explained that at the start of the season, after a difficult period, there is a general remobilization in the locker room, they got up to speed in training, which would explain this succession of good results. And we get an interview with Marcus Rashford. The Manchester United striker talks about his difficulties last season, linked to an injury, but also to his mental health. We also find his statements on the cover of Daily Star and Daily Telegraph. “It wasn’t just one season. It was a time when every day was difficult and you just had to sacrifice yourself. I’ve always been one to try to be on the pitch as much as possible. This is where I find happiness. If I’m hurt, I’m not happy“. According to him, “football is probably 95% related to your mentality“. He therefore had to draw on his mental strength to give us a remarkable start to the year 2023.

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Marcus Thuram, the Barcelonan

FC Barcelona intends to continue to expand its workforce on the cheap. This morning, Mundo Deportivo highlights Marcus Thuram on its front page. According to the daily, the French, who will leave Borussia Mönchengladbach in June, is of great interest to the Catalan club. His agents offered his services to Blaugrana leaders. In addition, the newspaper plays on the sensitive chord. He does not forget to recall that Marcus Thuram already played for Barça when his father was a club player between 2006 and 2008.

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Graham Potter threatened with death at Chelsea, the astonishing confidences of Marcus Rashford 24hfootnews.

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