Goldust on Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, The Bella Twins YouTube Teaser, Matt Riddle vs. Punishment Martinez


– The Bella Twins are close to hitting 2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, currently at just over 1.9 million subscribers. As seen in the teaser video below, the twins have something special planned for when they hit 2 million.

– It looks like former ROH TV Champion Punishment Martinez will be using that name when he makes his WWE NXT TV debut against Matt Riddle on tonight’s episode. WWE posted the following to hype the match:

The King of Bros meets Punishment Martinez

Matt Riddle has been riding quite the wave since making his successful debut a few weeks back. This week, though, The King of Bros will have his work cut out for him as he goes up against a debuting Punishment Martinez.

Making his in-ring debut as an NXT Superstar, Martinez is a towering force (standing at 6’6”), who comes backed by a stacked résumé that includes multiple championship reigns. Riddle shares a commonality with Martinez in that regard, accumulating his own set of accolades on the independent circuit. Moreover, these two strikers are well familiar with one another, having crossed paths before coming to NXT. Previous contests removed, however, this matchup has barnburner written all over it.

Who will step out beyond the yellow ropes with the W?

– Mandy Rose is using the “Kiss The Rose” name for her flying pump knee finisher, thanks to a recommendation from WWE veteran Goldust. The two had this exchange after last night’s SmackDown episode:

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