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Golden Nuggets: Which non-quarterback do you think will have the biggest impact?


Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, July 21st,

Five non-quarterbacks who must emerge for 49ers to blossom in 2023

““He was unbelievable this offseason,” coach Kyle Shanahan said. “Even when it wasn’t voluntary, he was here on his own anyways, just living in the weight room trying to change his body.”

In the spring, Williams said he believed Jackson has All-Pro potential. The 49ers don’t need Jackson to be that good, but if he can offer a reliable complement to Bosa, San Francisco should continue its recent defensive dominance.”

Entering 2023, 49ers’ receiver Jauan Jennings is focused on the end zone (paywall)

“The 49ers’ receiver had just conducted a free youth football camp at Blackman High, his alma mater. The group of about 100 local children and teenagers who’d participated had all witnessed Jennings in his high-effort element. The wideout sprinted through demonstrations and drills, energetically barking instructions and encouragement for nearly three hours.

Jennings had post-camp awards to give out, and he refused to determine recipients on the basis of talent.

“It don’t mean who has the best feet, who has the best hands, who’s the fastest — that’s not what this means, guys,” Jennings said. “It’s who’s going to work the hardest? Who does this mean more to? And that’s why I play this game — because it means more to me.”

Former NFL coach believes 49ers should find ways to use Trey Lance

“In my mind, Trey’s got as much opportunity as either the other two guys to play and to play a lot this season,” Mangini recently said. “And even if he isn’t the starter, why not take advantage of the skill set that he did show in college? His ability to run with the ball, his ability to make plays with his feet, and put a package in for him with the idea that he can contribute in a meaningful way to the offense.

“He can be another element that teams have to prepare for. And then, if he does have to go in the game as a starter at some point, he’s got some experience, so he’s not going cold. It seems like that’s the way that makes sense. And I understand you may not want to ruffle Brock Purdy’s feathers, but we’re not talking about a 10-year vet here.”

Matt Maiocco breaks down 49ers’ top 2 storylines ahead of training camp

“There’ll be two pieces of news when the 49ers open training camp,” Maiocco said. “It’ll be, has Nick Bosa’s contract been completed? A contract that will make him the highest-paid player in 49ers history, the highest paid defensive end in the league, and I don’t know if he’s going to surpass Aaron Donald’s number at more than $31 million per year, but he’ll be right up there.

“So that’s question number one. I wouldn’t think that he would get on the field and practice without that new contracts. Certainly his representation wouldn’t want him to and I don’t know that the 49ers would want him to either. They’ve been pretty good about kind of good faith negotiations.

Number two is the obvious: Brock Purdy. How do the 49ers handle his injury status at the start of camp?

“And then the other thing is what did they do with Brock Purdy when he reports to camp. Do they placed him on PUP? Which means he can continue to rehab but behind the scenes he can’t get on the practice field with his teammates.

Or do they clear him to at least take part in practices to the point where maybe he’s just throwing check downs, going through the reads. There’s still a lot of stuff in the run game that needs to be ironed out. The quarterbacks do have a lot of responsibilities in the run game.

So he would be able to do all that stuff, taking snaps behind center and shotgun and then running those things and making the adjustments and just kind of training his eyes for where they need to be. So those will be the two major storylines once training camp starts.”

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