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Golden Nuggets: Sin City forces 49ers to repent


Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, August 14th, 2023

Hutchinson: 8 things that stood out from 49ers’ preseason opener

“What Jamison showed was the same bona fide knack for returning that he had in college, when he had three return touchdowns and was consistently dangerous. The undrafted free agent has also presented some solid form at corner, where Charvarius Ward credited him, saying he’s learned from his backpedal technique. He allowed one catch for six yards on Sunday, and has a real chance to make the team.”

Hutchinson: 49ers Preseason QB Grades: Lance has rough outing

“He clearly improved as the game went on….There will be some overreactions to pointing out that he performed poorly. That’s understandable, given that he clearly just needs reps, and that he will improve with experience. The 49ers just aren’t a team in any position to provide those reps to him.”

Kawakami: Trey Lance’s struggling performance and the new (and old) 49ers QB questions (paywall)

“It wasn’t all Lance’s fault — the backup offensive linemen playing in front of him were regularly blown up by the Raiders’ front and a few blitzes — but it wasn’t close to giving him an edge over Darnold, who looked good in his briefer outing. It probably reversed that dynamic a little.”

Silver: After 49ers’ debacle in the desert, Trey Lance can’t afford more days like this (paywall)

“He must have fumbled about six snaps (over the two days),” said one Raiders source who closely observed the joint workouts. “It looks like he doesn’t have much confidence.”

What we learned about Lance, Darnold in 49ers’ preseason loss

“With Purdy’s work for the week completed, Trey Lance and Sam Darnold took the stage Sunday to continue their competition for the backup job. Darnold delivered the ball more decisively and accurately during his half of play.”

Trey Lance’s strong stats tell wrong story in 49ers’ 34-7 preseason loss to Raiders (paywall)

“Depending on whether Purdy plays in the second preseason game, against the visiting Broncos on Saturday, Darnold will likely start or be the first QB off the bench as he battles Lance for the backup spot. Shanahan seemed to reference that, saying he hoped to get Darnold a “little more time next week.”

Lombardi: 49ers’ dubious debut: Trey Lance, Jake Moody among those to falter in blowout loss (paywall)

“The 49ers say their time in the desert was productive, but Sunday’s finish — featuring primarily second- and third-stringers — was not a photogenic one.”

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