Goldberg Says Brock Lesnar Was The Mastermind Behind The 2016 Survivor Series Squash Match


WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg was the latest guest on the Talk Is Jericho podcast to discuss the brilliance of Brock Lesnar, a foe that Goldberg has faced many times in his prestigious career. During the interview the former two-time Universal champion revealed that it was The Beast who came up with the idea for the quick squash match at Survivor Series 2016, which was Goldberg’s first matchup since 2004. Highlights can be found below.

Calls Brock Lesnar a mastermind in the wrestling business:

I never would have said this before, and I don’t think you would have said this before, but Brock Lesnar is an absolute mastermind. He really is. That is something that I never saw coming. Never, especially from a guy that talked bullshit about the business prior to getting into it, that he would never get into the fake wrestling thing considering he was a real wrestler. Lo and behold, he looks at the opportunity, takes advantage of it, and shit, he’s got a rocket ship up his butt and to the moon. It was an honor for me to still be looked upon as somebody who was a worthy competitor and worthy challenge for him.

Says it was Lesnar’s idea to get squashed at the 2016 Survivor Series pay-per-view:

Brock is the one that came up with the 90-second deal. You know me, I’m not going to walk in and say, ‘Ah, I’ve been waiting 12 years, I’m gonna beat Brock in 90 seconds. Pay me and I’m gone.’ It doesn’t work like that. I learned a lot from Brock and I learned a lot about who he is and about how creative he is and about how unselfish he is. Those are things that people would definitely be surprised about when talking about Brock Lesnar.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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