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Goldberg Might return to wwe raw


Last week, WWE announced Goldberg would return to Raw on the Jan. 2 edition of the weekly broadcast as part of the company’s celebration of the new year.

Goldberg destroyed Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series in one of the most stunning moments of the 2016 wrestling year, and he is now an entrant in the 2017 Royal Rumble match. With Lesnar likely targeting him in the Battle Royal, the WWE Universe is curious to hear what Goldberg has to say.

Another way to keep Goldberg from cutting a promo that is too long for its own good would be to have Paul Heyman interrupt the former WCW world champion Monday night.

Just as Goldberg whips the fans in Tampa into a frenzy to start his promo, Heyman‘s voice should come over the speakers. The crowd will instantly boo at Goldberg being cut off, but the excitement to see Heyman will make this segment electric.

Heyman is an ace on the mic, and letting him carry the majority of Monday’s promo work would be the right way to protect Goldberg. After Heyman has completed his tirade about how Lesnar will destroy Goldberg in the Royal Rumble, it will be time for a rebuttal.

As seen by the previous spear to Heyman, he doesn’t mind getting physical. What better way for Goldberg to send a definitive message to Lesnar that he isn’t afraid than by spearing Heyman and then hitting him with a jackhammer for good measure?

Monday should be interesting if you’re a fan of Goldberg.

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