GG Melee Sign aSMA and YungWaff just a Day After Losing Zain


This week Golden Guardians suffered a major loss to their Melee roster. The GG Melee team lost Zain, one of the best active Melee players. In a single day though, they might have signed two replacements which can make up for that! Their new signings of aSMa and YungWaffle represent a team staying at the forefront of developments in Smash Bros.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Zain is leaving Golden Guardians. The player has been at the absolute top of competitive Melee in 2022, and might be the number one active player. Heading into events like Major Upset at the weekend though, his dominance isn’t as assured anymore. Other players have risen to the top at different tournaments since, and the GG Melee team almost instantly secured one of them for a new squad.

GG Melee Signs aSMa

Source: @n0ned

GG Melee Sign aSMa and YungWaff

GG Melee has signed two new players since losing Zain, aSMa and YungWaff. aSMa is a particularly impressive signing. The player has catapulted Yoshi to Major win after Major win. He even took the Scuffed World Tour last year.

At upcoming events like DreamHack San Diego Smash Bros, he’s one of the top contenders. Golden Guardians may have lost a major player, but they’ve replaced him with someone of equal caliber. This is still one of the best squads in Melee.

When GG Melee first signed Zain, it was after the player had entered a number of tournaments as a solo player, taking wins at plenty of them. Since signing him, it’s really put GG on the map as a team that dominates in Smash. Replacing the player with another who looks set to kill it this year is going to ensure that squad stays there. GG Melee is definitely a team to watch for at major events.

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