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GFW Star Low Ki Reveals Why He Left NJPW, Nia Jax On Relationship With The Rock


Source: Talk is Jericho

– According to Jax, her grandfather is the uncle of The Rock’s grandfather. Despite being actual blood relatives with The Rock, Jax did not spend much time with The Rock and his family much growing up. ‘The Samoan Cyborg’ says she has spent more time with The Rock since attending the premiere of ‘The Great One’s movie, Walking Tall.

– Recently Low Ki Spokes with RealSport about the reason behind his release from New Japan Pro Wrestling was because he refused ti wrestle in Fukushima over nuclear radiation fears.

He says him wearing a suit in Global Force Wrestling is based off a silent protest that preceded his departure from NJPW.

About Wearing a Suit:

Low Ki Said: “It was based off of silent protest, It originated in Japan, and I’m careful with my words because I don’t want anyone to see New Japan Pro Wrestling as a negative, but it was the business practice is what led to that.”

“I had put my foot down about wrestling in Fukushima. I did my research, both in the country as far as media and news outlets, and outside of the country as well, to get more of an informed position on Fukushima. I didn’t want to wrestle there. At that time, I was the IWGP [Junior Heavyweight] Champion, and I spoke with the company and said I don’t feel comfortable with this, I don’t want to do that.”

Low Ki also said that NJPW didn’t know anything about him working in a suit. He talked about the moments leading up to his final bout with New Japan.

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