Gerald Brisco Opens Up About His WWE Release: “I Have No Animosity”


WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco spoke about his WWE release on the latest edition of his “Monday Mailbag” for Hear what Brisco had to say below.

Says he has no anger for his WWE release:

“I have no anger, I have no animosity. I look at it and I had 36 years of learning and experiences and working with the top people in this profession that God put on this earth. My thoughts of Vince, he’s a fantastic businessman. He’s truly a genius of our generation. There is no one that had this vision better and fulfilled that vision better than him. I think the world of the guy. He’s a family man. He’s a true American patriot. I got respect for him. He will forever be a friend of mine.”

What he thinks about Eric Bischoff:

“I love Eric Bischoff. We were bitter, mortal enemies and we didn’t even know each other. After I got to Eric, I mean, Eric is another guy like Russo and Meltzer. He gets a lot of heat just because he’s Eric Bischoff. But, what a sincere guy and a good friend he is to have.”

Opens up about being one of the Stooges:

“At first we were known as the Associates. The Associates seemed too formal to be corporate ass kissers so we made it into the Stooges. It was fun because Pat (Patterson), you have to realize I’m in my mid 50’s and Pat’s a few years older, so he is in his late 50’s. We are trying to compete with these guys that are trying to set records and trying to get over and trying to build their name. They are not going to take it easy on two old-timers so you have to fight back. We took chokeslams. My deal with Pat was if there were any bad bumps to take, I took them because he was like my big brother and I didn’t want him to get hurt. Plus, he was so funny naturally and was an important part of the deal. He had to have a cigarette break every five minutes. He said, ‘do you think we should really be doing this.’ I said, ‘let’s have fun with it.’ We worked for years to be serious workers in the ring and all of a sudden we went from that to being outright goofy, silly, old men on TV and it was fun.”

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling News)

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