George Barrios On How The Transition From John Cena To Roman Reigns Has Affected Business


During a Q&A during the conference call from last week, George Barrios gave his thoughts on how the WWE making the transition from John Cena to Roman Reigns has affected business. Here’s what he had to say:

Probably the thing that, you know — and to some degree a little bit out of our control, but you know we’d like to think we control quite a bit — was the engagement over the first few months of the year. And obviously, we’re going through a generational transition, from John Cena handing the baton to Roman [Reigns]. So if you think back to the history of WWE, it was Andre to Hulk Hogan, to Stone Cold, to The Rock, to John Cena. It’s now moving to Roman. And in that that transition, or during that transition, we had what was [a] somewhat unique confluence of injuries and absences for a variety of reasons earlier in the year. And that, you could definitely feel it on the engagement metric. So I would say that was probably — not probably, it was unforeseen heading into the year. But all in all, ’19 was a pretty seminal event.

You can listen to the conference call below:

Credit: WWE. H/T 411Mania.

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