Gavi is starting to annoy everyone!


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The Luis de la Fuente era did not necessarily start in the best of ways. There was certainly a 3-0 victory against Norway, but behind them, La Roja lost 2-0. A failure that goes badly on the other side of the Pyrenees, where the new coach is already being criticized. While waiting for the next meetings, there is another concern that is starting to worry internally on the side of the Spanish Federation: Gavi.

There is no question of his level or his potential, since the 18-year-old is still considered one of the future pillars of the team. On the other hand, his behavior is starting to pose a problem, and he acted up during the La Roja internship. The Spanish media Report explains that there were a few events that upset management. Especially when he skipped an autograph signing session in Malaga. The Barcelonan just didn’t show up.

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He acted up during the internship

The player thus claimed to feel bad and need a rest. Which went wrong with some teammates, and the Federation forced him to show up afterwards. His teammates (Dani Olmo, Rodrigo and Gaya) did not hesitate to let their young partner know what they thought of this affair. During training, Gavi was also cropped by some players because of his intensity and some dangerous gestures. Morata, the captain, thus had a conversation to tell him to go a little more slowly during training sessions so as not to risk injuring a teammate.

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Internally, Gavi also made reflections that went wrong, concerning his positioning as a left winger against Norway, or his absence from the eleven against Scotland. Remarks heard by federation employees and players. The thinking heads of the Spanish selection know that he must improve his behavior and will try to supervise him in the next rallies to avoid any problem. All this in an already tense context for Gavi, regularly criticized by the Madrid press for its rather tough game on the man…

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Gavi is starting to annoy everyone! 24hfootnews.

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