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Gail Kim Talks Racism In Wrestling, Believes Vince McMahon Would Never Have A POC As Face Of Company


Former WWE star Gail Kim ,who is currently signed with IMPACT Wrestling, was recently interviewed by Ring the Belle to talk about her career, and give her thoughts about racism within the wrestling industry. Kim controversially states that she believes Vince McMahon would never even think about having a person of color as the face of the WWE.

I truly believe that he (Vince McMahon) doesn’t think that someone of color could be his face of the company.

Kim does disagree with that mindset, explaining that if a performer can connect with the audience they can be a star.

If you can connect to the audience in some way, you can be at the top.

She would then go on to admit that she worries when stereotypes get portrayed in the business.

When I see talented people like Asuka and Kairi Sane get hired, I do worry for them because I just know what kind of talent they have. And I’m worried about the stereotypes in this business. In a lot of cases, a lot of the ethnic minorities get grouped together because the WWE doesn’t know what else to do.

Check out Kim’s full interview below.

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