Further Speculation On Why The Revival May Have Asked For Their Release, Their Contract Status


It has already been reported that The Revival may have recently asked for their release from their WWE contracts. The speculation was that they asked for their release because they weren’t happy with how they were being booked on Raw.

According to a new report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, the Revival are looking for their release not simply because of how they are being booked as a team but because of how the entire tag team division is being booked. The report references their match against Gable and Roode not being featured on Raw but also the lack of air time for teams such as the Authors of Pain and The Good Brothers as evidence of a more systematic problem rather than just a problem relating to The Revival.

Unfortunately for the Revival, it doesn’t appear that they are going to be released from their contracts anytime soon. Dave Meltzer reported in The Observer earlier this week that they had a good amount of time left on their current agreements and that the WWE isn’t releasing anyone for “obvious reasons”.

If the rumors are true and The Revival are looking for greener pastures, it looks like they will have to wait quite a while until they can find them.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Sheet, The Wrestling Observor.

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