Full Listing Of New WWE Content For The Upcoming Week


The WWE has released a list of the new content that is coming to the WWE Network for next week. Here is the slate:

MONDAY, JANUARY 7TH AFTER RAW AT 11PM it will be ‘Edge and Christian Show’ with the following description: Beth Phoenix is out for revenge, The Boogeyman works on his scare tactics, and Tommy Dreamer shares a painful memory from the good old days.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9TH AT 3PM & 4PM it will be 2 new episodes of ‘WWE NXT UK’.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9TH AT 7PM & 8PM it will be new episodes of ‘205 Live’ and ‘NXT’ respectively.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 10TH AT 8PM it will be ‘WWE Collections Spotlight’ with the following description: WWE Collections Spotlight looks at the newest collections available, featuring an exclusive interview with Rusev and The Royal Rumble Match.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 11TH AT 7:30PM it will be a new episode of ‘This Week in WWE’.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 12TH AT 1:30 PM it will be ‘WWE NXT UK TakeOver Pre-Show’.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 12TH AT 2:00 PM it will be ‘WWE NXT UK TakeOver’ with the following description: Witness the first-ever NXT UK TakeOver in Blackpool, England, featuring WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne against Gallus’ Joe Coffey.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 12TH AT 4:30 PM it will be ‘The Nigel McGuinness Story’ with the following description: The story of Nigel McGuinness, a man with lifelong aspirations of becoming a WWE Superstar, whose career was unceremoniously cut short.

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