Former WWE Star Claims He Witnessed Unsolved Brutal Murders In 1987


On August 23, 1987, Kevin Ives (17) and Don Henry (16) were brutally murdered in Alexander, Arkansas while hunting. To cover up the murders, they were placed on railroad tracks, where a union train ran them over hours later.

For three decades, residents of Saline county have tossed around theories trying to solve the murder, but each of them were eventually ineffective and the case has remained cold. A series of books were written about the murder, with the most notable being “The Boys on the Tracks,” and it was also featured on popular crime show Unsolved Mysteries.

In addition, numerous people have reported to be witnesses and passed polygraph tests, as well as a confession letter written by the perpetrator. Still, there has not been a direct path by the authorities that led to an arrest and conviction.

The same year, five months prior and 900 miles away, former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes was competing against Hercules in front of 93,000 fans inside the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan at WrestleMania III. 31 years later, Haynes has stepped forward to claim that he witnessed the murders on this tragic August night.

Haynes claims that he was hired by an Arkansas politician to be the security of a drug deal near the Saline County railroad tracks, and that is when he witnessed the murders. As seen in the video below, Haynes is promoting a GoFundMe page to acquire funds for the families to help with the investigation. Haynes also went in depth regarding how he ended up in Arkansas during his time as a drug trafficker.

Linda Ives, mother of Kevin Ives, told KARK 4 News that Haynes has waited so long to reveal this information due to years of being in the drug industry and the physical toll that pro wrestling had on him. Ives believes that Haynes is trying to “make things right while he can.”

Source: KARK 4 News


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