Former ROH Star Already Signing With WWE?


Former ROH Star Lio Rush said last night at a CZW event – after losing the CZW Championship to Shane Strickland – that his August 5 appearance will be his last with the promotion.

Rush was interviewed earlier in the week by Ring Rush Radio and was asked about his interest with the WWE.

“Of course, I feel like everybody’s long-term goal should be in the WWE. If you hear anybody say the WWE would never be my main goal, that’s complete bulls***. We all grew up watching WWE: there wasn’t any other thing on TV other than WWE. WWE was the main reason people wanted to actually become a wrestler. My interest in WWE again is through the roof. I haven’t been contacted by WWE, but the playing field right now with the cruiserweights, and that’s been some what of a main focus with them, it drives me to become better.

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