Former NXT Star might be joining Wyatt family.


It was definitely an idea, I mean, I actually did a few promos with Bray Wyatt in front of the camera with Dusty (Rhodes). They tried a few people, Baron Corbin kinda tried out for it as well. Ultimately, I think I could got that spot, but then I get injured, that was a thing. They were like ‘ok, we´re looking at Judas (Devlin), he may be the guy who fits in’, thats when I started to have my hip issues and I needed surgery, so that kinda squash the idea. I didn’t recovery as quick as they wanted, they wanted to do it anyway and that was when Braun (Strowman) came in there, and he was very new, but they hold up until he was ready. So I really never have the full opportunity to try out and I would have love to do it because it kinda fits the name Judas with the concept”



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