Former ECW World Champion Tazz Set To UnderGO Surgery, Braun Strowman Reacts To RAW Win


Former ECW World champion Taz announced during this morning’s edition of The Taz Show on CBS Radio that he would soon be undergoing surgery on his hand in an attempt to repair nerve damage that has led to a loss of feeling and an inability to grip with right hand.

Taz noted on the show that nerve damage in his neck from his pro wrestling career has trickled down to his hand and that surgeons will be going through his wrist in an attempt to bring some of the nerves “back to life”, describing it as similar to a carpal tunnel surgery but on a grander scale.

– Last night’s RAW main event in Toronto saw Braun Strowman defeat Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing match thanks to interference from Samoa Joe. Braun tweeted the following after the match:

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