for Tudor, Ligue 1 is above Serie A


Igor Tudor compared Ligue 1 to Serie A. The technician believes the Italian league is easier than its French counterpart.

Igor Tudor, OM

Arrived last summer from Verona, Igor Tudor obtained impressive results with OM. After 28 days, they have 59 points, as many as Raymond Goethals’ team of 1990-91. And just 2 points less than that of Rolland Courbis from 1998-1999, who dominates the historic Olympian ranking.

In the columns of The Teamthe Croatian technician spoke about the differences between Serie A, where he spent most of his playing career, and Ligue 1. He considers it very difficult: “In Italy, we look more at Spain and England. France is less considered and it is a mistake. Because when you start to really look at her, you completely change your mind. It’s an exciting Championship, with beautiful stadiums, talented players, and if I had to describe it, I would say that it is super difficult. »

“The English, they buy players from Lorient, not players in Italy”

Igor Tudor thinks it’s generally more complicated to shine in Ligue 1 than in the Italian competition: “Here, there is PSG, which in Italy has no equivalent, because it is above Inter or Juve today. Then you have three or four teams which, in terms of the workforce, have perhaps more qualities in Italy, compared to their French equivalents. But from the 6e up to the last one, it’s stronger here. If tomorrow there is Empoli-Strasbourg, Strasbourg largely wins; Reims against La Spezia, Reims wins largely. When you go to play in Reims, you see three or four players that you would like to take with you, same thing in Strasbourg. Whereas if I’m Inter and I play Empoli or La Spezia, I don’t take anyone. There is a gap that in France you do not find. The other fundamental difference is that in France there is much more rhythm. Because the typology of the players is different, here they are younger and more physical. In Italy, intensity has nothing to do. The English, they buy players from Lorient, not players in Italy, that means that here there are players who have the qualities to fit into the best football. »

Since the start of the season, Igor Tudor has scored 18 wins, 5 draws and conceded 5 defeats in Ligue 1. The former Verona coach has a very high points-per-game average: 2.11!

for Tudor, Ligue 1 is above Serie A 24hfootnews.

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