Finn Balor Says His Main Future Goal Is To Create Another Alter Ego


On the WWE Network’s Table For 3, The Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff, sat down for a meal with fellow WWE Superstar Finn Bálor. Among many other things, Finn and Jeff talked about the use of face paint in their presentations. Also, Finn discussed his future goals and Jeff discussed the possibility of facing off against ‘The Demon King’.

On the subject of face/body paint, Finn indicated that his demon persona helps him manage insecurities.

“It’s very hard to explain, but it’s almost like putting on a mask protects you from people’s judgments and lets you completely flow freely, like, with all your aggression and our animosity against anything. And I think everyone, deep down, has insecurities issues, especially in this business. And I find that maybe getting to hide behind the paint, so to speak, kind of protects you from those insecurities and helps me channel a different side of my personality that isn’t always available to me.”

As for future goals Finn claimed that he would like to continue to evolve his character. The inaugural WWE Universal Champion stated that his main goal is to create another alter ego for himself.

“Obviously, seeing [the Hardys] continue to evolve the last 25 years, that inspires me to keep evolving my character. And I’m quite happy with how I’m doing at the moment, but I’m always trying to push myself to create something new and I think my main goal going forward over the next five, 10 years would be maybe create another alter ego like you guys have.”

Additionally, Jeff said that he hopes a match between ‘The Enigma’ and ‘The Demon King’ is “inevitable”.

“I’ve heard it a lot, man, and people are kind of waiting to see us, like, ‘I can’t wait to see ‘The Enigma’ and ‘The Demon’ in the ring at the same time’ with painted up faces. Hopefully, that’s inevitable, so we’ll see.”

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