track tarps rain overview stadium 2023 Seattle Supercross-7191


We’ve arrived in Seattle and unfortunately, the (cold) weather from the previous two rounds (Indianapolis and Detroit) has followed us here. Thankfully, the pits are located indoors so we’re only half as chilly as we would be. The 2023 Seattle Supercross is the 11th round of the Monster Energy Supercross season and you can tell that the mechanics, truck drivers, and crew members are all much more relaxed now than they were a few weeks ago at Anaheim. The front runners have been established, and the rest of the riders and teams are grinding through the season, pushing through adversity to try and close the gap on the front runners. Currently, it’s Cooper Webb in the 450SX class and Jett Lawrence in the 250SX West division who hold the points lead, and the pressure is on them this weekend in Seattle.

Photos by Trevor Nelson


track tarps rain overview stadium 2023 Seattle Supercross-7191Thankfully, the Dirt Wurx crew built the track and covered it with tarps, protecting it from rain. Currently, the dirt underneath is dry and looks good for racing. 

Cooper Webb 2023 Seattle Supercross-7290 Cooper Webb’s red-plated KTM 450SXF. He has a three-point lead on Tomac and he’s 17-points up on Sexton. Click here for our interview with him from today

track overview stadium 2023 Seattle Supercross-7191 Press day riding was canceled due to looming weather projected to hit the stadium on Friday, but the track was perfect. 

indoor pits 2023 Seattle Supercross-7228 The Lumen Field has an outdoor stadium, but the pits are indoors. 

2023 Seattle Supercross-7223The Lumen stadium is right downtown in Seattle, only a short walk away from the shipyard loading docks. 

Austin Patterson grips 2023 Seattle Supercross-7450Max Vohland’s mechanic, Austin Patterson, mounting some fresh grips. 

Justin Barcia has been scary fast lately. He almost won the Indianapolis Supercross and he passed Tomac and Webb at Detroit, but eventually was passed by Sexton and then Tomac and Webb were also able to get back around him for the podium positions last weekend.

Levi Kitchen 2023 Seattle Supercross-7445 Levi Kitchen is a Washington native and the Pacific NorthWest fans go crazy for him. He will get some loud cheers in Seattle this weekend. 

Dylan Ferrandis 2023 Seattle Supercross-7239 Dylan Ferrandis is still on the injured list, taking time to let his head heal after crashing at Houston and again during the Daytona press day. 

Aaron Plessinger 2023 Seattle Supercross-7294The people’s champ, Aaron Plessinger, is looking for redemption this Saturday.

MotoConcepts Honda 2023 Seattle Supercross-7443 MotoConcepts is based out of the Pacific Northwest and they’re bringing out lots of employees to this race. They’re using one-off chrome graphics for the weekend with a funny tribute to D.B. Cooper. Who is that? This Wikipedia answer is interesting: D.B. Cooper is a media epithet for an unidentified man who hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305, a Boeing 727 aircraft on November 24, 1971. During the flight from Portland, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington, the hijacker told a flight attendant he was armed with a bomb, demanded $200,000 in ransom (equivalent to $1,338,000 in 2021), and requested four parachutes upon landing in Seattle. After releasing the passengers in Seattle, the hijacker instructed the flight crew to refuel the aircraft and begin a second flight to Mexico City, with a refueling stop in Reno, Nevada. About 30 minutes after taking off from Seattle, the hijacker opened the aircraft’s aft door, deployed the staircase, and parachuted into the night over southwestern Washington. The hijacker has never been identified or found.

Nathan Alexander 2023 Seattle Supercross-7441 Mitchell Oldenburg’s mechanic, Nathan Alexander, shining up his Dubya wheels for Saturday. 

Carson Mumford 2023 Seattle Supercross-7407Carson Mumford is filling in for Austin Forkner on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki team. He’s making his debut with them this weekend. It will also be his first race of the season after he injured his wrist in the offseason. 

Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GasGas team manager, Max Lee, setting up the rig. 

RJ Hampshire 2023 Seattle Supercross-7369 RJ Hampshire’s Husqvarna FC250. It will be interesting to see how his confidence from racing the 450 at Daytona will carry over into the 250 class this weekend. 

Carson Mumford 2023 Seattle Supercross-7424 The lighting isn’t great inside, but the Pro Circuit team had some wicked lights of their own. 

Eli Tomac 2023 Seattle Supercross-7448Up close on Eli Tomac’s foot peg. 

Eli Tomac 2023 Seattle Supercross-7298Eli Tomac’s Star Racing Yamaha YZ450F still doesn’t look the same with white backgrounds. 

Robbie Wageman 2023 Seattle Supercross-7354An artsy shot of Robbie Wageman’s BarX Suzuki. 

Dunlop tires 2023 Seattle Supercross-7339 Some “spec” Dunlop tires. These are similar treads to the MX33 tires we all know and love, but they have softer compounds for the Pros. They aren’t worried about the durability of a tire at Supercross.

Cole Seely 2023 Seattle Supercross-7396 Cole Seely is making a comeback to AMA Supercross this weekend, here’s a shot under the hood of his MCR Honda CRF450. 

Austin Politelli 2023 Seattle Supercross-7325Austin Politelli’s AJE GasGas MC250F.

The AJE GasGas team getting their bikes ready for the show. 

track tarps rain overview stadium 2023 Seattle Supercross-7191More shots of the track. 

Tyler Mickelson 2023 Seattle Supercross-7360Tyler Mickelson is the head mechanic for the BarX Suzuki team. 

Cooper Webb 2023 Seattle Supercross-7286Another look at Cooper’s Red Bull KTM. 

Max Vohland 2023 Seattle Supercross-7300Max Vohland’s steed. For more of MXA’s coverage, click the link below. 



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