Everything we Know About the New Overwatch Hero


Overwatch is mere weeks away from another season but something’s missing, we don’t know much official about the next hero! Overwatch’s new hero is basically still a mystery.

For previous Hero additions, we would have long already had the official reveal that explained everything we need to know about the new character. So why haven’t we had one yet and what do we know so far about the next Overwatch hero? We’ll run you down all the current information.

The New Overwatch Hero

New Overwatch 2 Hero

Source: Blizzard

The new Overwatch Hero is yet to get a full reveal as we’d seen with the last few seasons of the game. We do know there’s a new one coming with Season 4 though, so with that, we at least have the release window! On top of that, devs have detailed some things about what’s coming to try and tease players with the next addition.

The new hero is going to be a support. In fact, Blizzard has revealed that two upcoming characters are going to be on Support! This helps address a bit of a disparity in the size of each role. We’ve already been told that the new hero is “Cute”, so if you’re mainly playing Overwatch for the fun character designs and not OW esports action, maybe this will be a hero for you! Specifically, they’re supposed to be cute in a similar way to Mercy so we might be expecting a human hero here.

The other major tease has been pretty standard, that their new abilities would be interesting, especially in high-level games. That’s exciting but also kind of just basic promotional patter. It would be more surprising if a new hero was promoted as being dull.

In terms of actual mechanics and how they’re going to work, we’re still shrouded in mystery for the new Overwatch hero. We can probably expect them to be a major part of the next Overwatch Battle Pass too.

Leaked Overwatch Heroes

New Overwatch 2 Hero

Source: Blizzard

Alongside what we’ve heard so far about the new hero, there are some which have been seen around the game and its files that we think are safe bets to come during Overwatch 2’s upcoming seasons. These are some of the leaked Overwatch new heroes that might be appearing.

  • Mauga – A character spotted in the What we Left behind Short
  • Maximilien – An Omnic money launderer.
  • D.Mon – Another member of the MEKA Squad along with D.Va! This is the only one that really lines up with the Overwatch new hero comments so far.
  • Overlord – Another MEKA Squad member.
  • Zephyrus – A gladiator that’s already been spotted on an Overwatch 2 map’s posters.

New Overwatch Hero Release Date

The new Overwatch Hero is scheduled to come with Season 4. With or without any extra details on the character. We have a good idea of when the new season will start. Previous seasons have ran for around 9 weeks. This would put the launch date for early/mid-April 2023, roughly April 11th.

With the release date looming, why haven’t we had our reveal yet? Normally a full showcase of the new hero would be here by now. There are various theories about where the reveal is. Some players even think Blizzard is simply saving things for a bit of a stunt. With April 1st fast approaching, we could see a playful twist on the reveal for the new Overwatch hero!

Outside of the possibility that Blizzard wants to have a bit of fun, it might simply be the new pattern going forward. Blizzard may want to save new Hero reveals to closer to the season launch. That would definitely help to carry the hype over. We should expect to start seeing more firm details for our full look at the new Overwatch Hero pretty soon. Along with more Overwatch news on the map and everything else coming.

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