Eugenie Bouchard: diet, luxury, passions and the crush for Justin Bieber!


Eugenie Bouchard shows off on social media, especially on Instagram, a breathtaking physique. But the perfection of her forms is achieved through sacrifices, hard workouts and diet.

She eats up to five bananas a day and has eggs for breakfast every morning. The Canadian repeatedly snacks on protein bars. However, sometimes she, even for consolation, uses to eat foods such as hamburgers and chips. She said: “Sometimes you need stuff like this.”

Genie often uses her free time for total relaxation. But also to practice her passions. She loves horse riding and is a huge lover of the sea, where she often plays surfing. But furthermore, the beautiful tennis player is also very skilled in golf.

When she was a little girl, she had a crush on Justin Bieber, who is now her friend. Her favorite watch is a gold Rolex Daytona model, which costs around $26,000.

The outfit she loves the most is a Gucci sweater for $870 with which she has been immortalized several times on social media. Genie also owns a $1,200 Louis Vuitton Everfall bag, a $600 pink Gucci mini bag, a $1,600 Louis Vuitton bag, and a $4,000 Chanel bag.

Latests on Genie Bouchard

In June 2021 the terrible news for Eugenie Bouchard, that she announced that she could not return to play due to a serious shoulder injury, which then led her to surgery and subsequent rehabilitation.

More than a year after the last match played in Monterrey, the Canadian returns to being a protagonist on the WTA Tour, starting again in the doubles at the WTA 125 in Vancouver, managing to win in the first round of the competition with her countrywoman Kayla Cross.

Thanks to a wild card, she also played her first singles match against Arianne Hartono. In this 2022 Bouchard thus broke the ice after a very long period in which she remained stationary in the pits.

Now the 28-year-old girl, at the end of the vacation and rest period, will resume training intensely to be ready for 2023. The goal will certainly be to return to the greats and try to obtain further satisfaction in the world ranking.

To date, the Canadian has won a WTA title, achieving a total of 286 singles victories. In 2014 she also reached fifth position in the standings, then finding herself in 323rd place after returning from injury.

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