Eric Young delivers passionate speech amidst TNA leadership changes


A new era began when Impact brought back the TNA name at Hard to Kill (Jan. 13, 2024). An unexpected twist in the story took place when Anthem fired Scott D’Amore in February. As president of TNA, D’Amore was a driving force behind developing the promotion and rehabbing its image. His leadership helped put the company in position for the rise of TNA once again. The departure of D’Amore sent shock waves through the locker room. The result was an uneasy tension under new management. No Surrender (Feb. 23, 2024) was TNA’s first event since the firing of D’Amore.

Prior to the live broadcast, Eric Young addressed the crowd with a passionate speech alluding to this situation without mentioning D’Amore by name.

Young was backed by the locker room on stage. He spoke about change. They have to adapt, pivot, and absorb change to do their absolute best. TNA’s surrender has been promised over and over, yet they’re still here with the fans. TNA is still breathing, still living, and still thriving.

Young choked up with emotion. Sometimes you lose someone (presumably alluding to D’Amore), then the next step is grief. After that, you have a choice to get lost with them or move forward. TNA will move forward as it’s always done. That’s what ‘they’ would want, and that’s what is necessary. ‘They’ want TNA to be seen, respected, and loved.

Young fired up for his closing line. He wanted to be, “crystal fucking clear,” to anyone that wants TNA to surrender. This place, these people, the fans, TNA, there will be no surrender.


That was a mighty fine promo from Young to rally the troops in frustrating times. TNA will fight for its future. Anyone who loves professional wrestling can appreciate that spirit.

What’s your take on Eric Young’s TNA promo?

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