Eric Bischoff On Becky Lynch Being The Next Stone Cold Steve Austin


On a recent episode of “After 83 Weeks With Christy Olson”, Eric Bischoff heaped tremendous praise upon Becky Lynch. He went as far as to say that he hasn’t been an invested in any character since the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Here are the highlights:

On Why He’s Such A Big Fan Of Becky Lynch:

I’m more of a Becky Lynch fan right now than I have been a fan of anybody in the last fifteen years. It’s because about two weeks ago I began noticing her social media, tweets, the messages she was putting out… If she has somebody writing them for her, I want to know who that person is because they are a really smart writer. If she doesn’t have somebody [writing the tweets] for her and she’s doing it herself, she’s going to be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin for WWE because she is a believable character.

On Being Impressed With Lynch’s Use Of Social Media:

Forget about what I’ve seen on television. I’m not discarding it, but setting it aside. Her ability to capture my imagination on social media was profound. I mean, I went, whoa! She’s got it!

She’s becoming so believable and unique and you can’t teach that.

You can listen to “After 83 Weeks” below:

Credit: After 83 Weeks. H/T WrestlingInc.

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